Welcome To My Crystal Advisor

We know you’re here because of your enthusiasm for crystals and the healing properties they provide.

It’s hard to imagine a life without crystals and gemstones and that is why I created this website.  To share my passion for crystals and gemstones.

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Healing Crystals

The popularity of New Age beliefs, yoga, and mindfulness over recent years has fueled a resurgence in crystal healing.

Crystal healing is all about balancing your energy fields. These qualities affect how we feel physically and emotionally so it’s important to keep yourself healthy by ensuring good alignment within each field.

Crystal Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to boost your self-confidence and make yourself feel better. They work by increasing activity in the reward centers of our brain, as well as areas connected with how we perceive ourselves.

Crystal affirmation practice will change your brain and change your life.

Crystal Combinations

The key to finding the perfect crystal for you is knowing which crystals work well together. You might think that following your intuition will get it right, but with an understanding of crystal energies and how they interact it becomes much easier than one would imagine!

Crystal Charka

There are many ways to heal your chakras, but the most common ways are with Yoga Postures, Essential Oils, Crystals, Meditation, and Mantras.