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The root chakra is the foundation of our being and part of the 7 Chakra Stones. It’s like a tree that provides us with stability, security, and survival skills and ensures endurance for tough times ahead. The first step in balancing this powerful chakra is to connect deeply within yourself by sitting down so you can take care of these essential needs through deep breathing exercises.

You’ll find your root chakra at the base of the spine, just above the tailbone.  This is where your kundalini energy is at rest.

We may find ourselves feeling powerless and giving away our joy when we lose touch with the root chakra. This can lead to apathy, flightiness, or even a fawning response from us depending on how severe it gets.

When the root chakra is blocked, our physical health will be more susceptible to decline. Healing the root chakra is fairly straightforward. The first step is to find a perfect healing crystal and then add in practices such as breath work, yoga, or meditation. Keep reading below to see which crystals work best and how to use them.


7 Best Crystals for Root Chakra

The root chakra is one of the most important aspects of healing. Grounding practices and elemental ways can help you shake loose this area, from yoga or meditation all the way down with deep breathing exercises in order for your sense of safety & belonging to return again!



Garnet crystals are one of the most beautiful and rare gems on earth. It comes in a thousand shades of color and will forever be at its heart, giving life-renewing energy to those who need them most. For people feeling lost in their courage or strength; this powerful gem shines through with kundalini power for you to rise once more.


Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful and protective stone and helps you feel confident every time you step out of the door! Banded with earthly gold and brownish-orange stripes remind us that we are masters of our destiny and it improves natural body language for communicating wants/desires while addressing toxic energy found throughout society.


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is the perfect stone for those who want to learn how they can release what no longer serves them. This delicate energy also helps clear your path in life, so that you are able to see more clearly with each step forward! This crystal provides shimmers of grey and sheer magic, connecting to both the root chakra as well as the crown chakra.

Smoky Quartz has a deep connection with the earth but also carries that classic quartz family energy of being an amplifier and messenger to the universe. This stone’s gentle energies make them perfect tools when healing past wounds as well.



Your root chakra will love the intensity of Carnelian. The creativity from this crystal connects you to your sacral and reminds you that all joys come with life, giving you an extra boost when feeling sluggish. It gives us inspiration so we can face our challenges head-on while also giving radiance throughout every aspect of life by granting us courage while facing obstacles placed before us.



Hematite is a stone of power and strength. It absorbs negative energy from its surroundings, filtering it through the root chakra until you become balanced. This helps keep us grounded in our day-to-day lives. It also has benefits for those who tend to let their mind run away like wild horses over hills. It centers their focus on what they are doing at this moment instead of thinking about other things or worrying too much. This will ensure mastery of both your body’s health as well as mental stability.



The meaning of Bloodstone is much deeper than just a crystal for warriors. It’s an emotional balancer and protects you against things that might drag your spirit down, such as fear, anxiety, or negative energies within yourself. The dark green color reflects power while also bringing calmness to one’s heart through its strong energy field which helps steady both mind and body during intense moments on life’s battlefield.


Red Jasper

The rich, earthy hues of Red Jasper are supremely nurturing and know how to clear your root and sacral chakras. This powerful crystal stirs energy levels in its users by granting them confidence with life’s challenges while also raising motivation for success. The vibrant gemstone helps one find their true power which can be accessed through meditation since reaching deeper into oneself brings about inner strength and access to their true potential.


How to use Crystals for Root Chakra

Your root chakra will eventually become blocked or compromised. The 7 crystals above will work wonders on unblocking your root chakra when they come into contact with your send. Each crystal will send strong vibrations throughout your body. The flow of energy to your aura will become unimpeded and help restore your grounding energy.

How do you know if your root chakra is blocked? You’ll feel unbalanced or lack motivation in life. These blockages occur after trauma or abandonment.

Luckily, these symptoms are easily fixed with crystals providing healing energy. Feel free to add activities such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture.


Where to Place Root Chakra Crystals

The root chakra is the base of our being. It’s where we feel safe and secure, so it makes sense to protect this area with some crystals! You can place them in various spots around your home, near an entryway, your bedroom, or your bathroom.

During meditation practices, place a palm stone in your hand to send vibrations to your inner consciousness. This will help release any stagnant energies.

Inner peace awaits when you find those perfect crystals for grounding yourself through meditation practices.

Here’s an idea, wear your root chakra crystal as an adorably fashionable waist bead.  Your balance will always stay in check.


Root Chakra Stones and Crystals

Keeping your root chakra cleansed and free from blockage should be part of a daily wellness practice. It may not seem as important when you first start, but the more times this area is blocked or otherwise hindered from receiving energy flow the more the mind-body connection breaks down which leads to us feeling less safe in our own bodies and impacts our spiritual awakening.

The good news? All these things take just a few minutes each morning so don’t let anything hold you back from achieving your higher calling.