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What is the best way to work with your third eye chakra? Have you thought about incorporating crystals into your daily routine?  It’s fairly easy to get started but you’ll need to know which crystals work best with each chakra.  At first glance, many stones may seem like they would be perfect for helping amplify each individual energy center but you don’t want to make the mistake of choosing the wrong crystal.

Indigo is the main color associated with your Third Eye Chakra | Ajna.

The third eye chakra is located in the center of your forehead. It’s where we connect to our intuition and become open to guidance from above.  In other words, it’s an area that allows you access to deep feelings or thoughts about life which can sometimes feel overwhelming if not dealt with properly.


7 Best Crystals for Third Eye Chakra

Here are the 7 best crystals to assist with balancing your third eye chakra.  When this chakra is balanced you can feel like the master of your own destiny. You have no fear of death and are not attached to material things, so when it’s time for an adventure or new experience life will be perfect.



The third eye chakra and Obsidian are associated with grounding, intuition, and self-realization.

Black obsidian brings the user closer to their inner truth, revealing what they need in order for themselves and others. It also helps with intuition as well as releasing any negative energies that might make you feel restless or irritable; making it a great grounding stone!



The third eye chakra and Amethyst are associated with spiritual awareness, intuition, and mental clarity.

Amethyst is a stone of protection and meditation. It can be used to help you relax, focus your thoughts on higher matters, or relieve stress.  It can also improve your dream recall, lucid dreaming habits, and astral projection skills. This gem has been known as an excellent protection aid against negative energies too.



The third eye chakra and Azurite are associated with lucid dreaming, intuition, and meditation.

Azurite has a kind of gentle power that can help you find your voice. It reminds me to be strong and independent like the pharaohs, and queens from Egyptian history who were able to command their people with charm but also had deep empathy for those around them.

This calming crystal brings forth inner confidence as well as clear communication skills so we may better present our thoughts in this present moment.


Lapis Lazuli

The third eye chakra and Lapis Lazuli are associated with psychic abilities, lucid dreaming, and astral projection.

Lapis Lazuli is great at balancing the third eye chakra and encouraging self-awareness. It also enhances creativity so it will be easier to express how we feel when talking with friends or partners.



The third eye chakra and Sapphire are associated with meditation, self-realization, and self-expression.

The dark blue sapphire is a crystal of wisdom and psychic activation, allowing you to access deeper levels of consciousness. It will increase your intuition, awareness, and mental clarity for when you travel down your spiritual path.  This crystal helps restore energetic balance in their third eye chakra too!



The third eye chakra and Angelite are associated with spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, and clairvoyance.

Angelite is a beautiful stone with calming, soothing light blue colors. The gentle yet strong healing force of Angelite can help you to feel relaxed and at peace as they radiate an energy that will fill you up deep inside!



The third eye chakra and Sodalite are associated with mental clarity, meditation, and emotional balance.

Sodalite is a beautiful stone that brings about introspection and deep thought. It has the ability to inspire one’s sense of wonder in both themselves, as well as all around them.  It also provides space for peaceful reflection on our immediate life experiences as well as memories from our past.


How to use Crystals for Third Eye Chakra

We’ve presented the most powerful crystals for your third eye chakra above and now it’s time to start using them. Here’s a short list of routines you can use in your everyday life.

  • Meditation. Crystals are a great way to concentrate energy while meditating.  Make sure you place it near your third eye chakra and focus on the healing energy.
  • Place crystals on your body. Place your third eye crystal on your forehead, between your eyes to allow the energy to do its work.
  • Wearing crystals. Find your favorite jewelry pieces that utilize a third eye crystal.  If you don’t wear jewelry then consider a worry stone or small palm stone and keep it on you at all times.
  • Crystal grid creation. Use your third eye crystals in a custom crystal grid.

The third eye chakra crystals are a must-have and a great addition to your energy work.  They’ll enhance yoga and meditation sessions while at the same time assisting you in opening up blocked chakras.


Where to Place Third Eye Chakra Crystals

Healing stones have been used for centuries to help with a variety of conditions and problems. Placing one at the base of your neck while lying down can clear blockages and enhance your spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, and clairvoyance.

Crystal jewelry is one of the best ways to bring healing into your life. Not only do they make an excellent gift, but wearing gemstones against our skin constantly invokes their energy and can help us stay stabilized.

These amazing crystals have long been used by many cultures as tools for third eye chakra protection.


Third Eye Chakra Stones and Crystals

Keeping your third eye chakra cleansed and free from blockage should be part of a daily wellness practice. It may not seem as important when you first start, but the more times this area is blocked or otherwise hindered from receiving energy flow the more the mind-body connection breaks down which leads to us feeling less safe in our own bodies and impacts our spiritual awakening.

The good news? All these things take just a few minutes each morning so don’t let anything hold you back from achieving your higher calling.