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Crystals and affirmations are a great way to make your manifestations come true. Thousands of people have used them successfully to enact changes in their lives, including me! You can use any crystal, but if you want my personal favorite, it would be green Amazonite because it helps with abundance, peace, and success.  These were life goals of mine but I was having issues achieving them.  So, I started my morning with affirmations and over time I started to make these goals a reality.

Affirmations are a powerful way to affirm your worth and change the narrative inside your head. They work by increasing activity within our reward centers, as well as connecting us more deeply with who we believe our true self is.

Affirmations have been scientifically proven to show performance improvement on tasks requiring problem-solving skills while decreasing stress levels!

Once you start your morning affirmations you’ll notice an improvement in your mindset and self-confidence within days.

The best way for me was to combine this crystal with affirmation practices while holding a palm stone in one hand.  I tried other styles of crystals but the palm stone worked the best.


Top 23 Amazonite Crystal Affirmations

Amazonite is a crystal that brings abundance to your life. Its calming green color helps your natural ability to succeed while being at peace with your inner spirit.  This makes it one of the most popular crystals among young professionals who are looking for new ways to succeed in life.

This gemstone brings abundance, peace, and success into one’s life.  A great way to work with Amazonite would be to purchase a quality palm stone and use it with your next meditation session. You’ll notice there a quite a few shades of green and I prefer the darker colors.

This list of Amazonite affirmations will assist you in gaining control of your thoughts and feelings!


Amazonite Affirmations for Abundance

The power of Amazonite is more than just a pretty face. It can help you manifest your dreams and goals by promoting an abundance mindset.  It’s an essential tool for anyone who wants to change their life from a scarcity mindset to a limitless mindset.  Keep one at work or near other important places (like home) so that every time scarcity crops up you’ll be reminded of the abundant energy Amazonite brings into your life.

The power of positive thinking is an idea that has been around for centuries. Acknowledging your negatives can help you change the way you think about yourself and life in general, which will lead to a more fulfilling future!

You’ve heard it before: “Think good thoughts.” But what does this really mean? It’s easy, just focus on all of your accomplishments and give yourself space to accept the wins in life.  All too often we focus on losses and don’t appreciate our wins.

Think about your affirmations for abundance every day. Visualize yourself living an abundant life and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. I attract abundance.
  2. My life is filled with abundance.
  3. I welcome abundance and prosperity into my life.
  4. Abundance and luck come to me effortlessly.
  5. I naturally attract abundance into my life.
  6. I am surrounded by an abundance of opportunities.
  7. My world is filled with abundance and prosperity.
  8. I am aligned with the energy of abundance and good fortune.
  9. Abundance is all around me.


Amazonite Affirmations for Peace

Amazonite is an excellent crystal to have around if you’re looking for peace from mind.  That’s not a typo, most people confuse “peace of mind” with “peace from mind.” This crystal will allow you mental space so you can focus on ideas that impact your life the most.  It will help soothe your chaotic thoughts and balance out the intense energy that can come from chaotic dreams. This is the perfect crystal for anyone who needs to work through complicated thoughts.

The first step is to say your affirmation or prayers each morning when you wake up. You should repeat them ten times and really focus on hearing and believing it as the days go by because this will help keep those positive thoughts radiating throughout your life.

Think about your affirmations for peace every day. Visualize yourself living a peaceful life and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. I am calm and confident because I trust in the higher good. Everything that happens has a purpose.
  2. Whenever I feel angry, I hold my Amazonite crystals and I am infused with divine tranquility.
  3. I replace low, angry frequencies with high, serene vibrations.
  4. I hold my green Amazonite stones and feel negative thoughts leave my mind.


Amazonite Affirmations for Success

Amazonite is a beautiful green color that has the power to bring unlimited success into your life. It promotes mental focus and gives you confidence in trusting yourself, which are key factors when making decisions for success!

If you’re feeling like a failure and your self-esteem is low, it’s time to try Amazonite. This crystal will help transform those feelings of inadequacy into leadership qualities!  Amazonite is a great crystal for those who need help seeing possibilities and developing their potential. With its strong vibrations, Amazonite encourages you to take action in your life so that all of these goals can be reached!

When you say the affirmations out loud, make sure they are something that comes naturally and feels comfortable.

Think about your affirmations for success every day. Visualize yourself living a successful life and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. I am grateful for all the success I already have.
  2. I am wealthy.
  3. My future is abundant.
  4. I attract prosperity and let it flow into my life.
  5. I am happy and successful.
  6. I see abundance everywhere around me.
  7. I use success to create a better life.
  8. I always reach my financial goals.
  9. I trust the universe will bring me more success.
  10. The happier I am, the more success I have.


Start Using Affirmations for Amazonite

Amazonite is a powerful crystal that must be programmed for your specific purpose. Once you set your intention, it will become easier to manifest positivity and start noticing changes in the environment around you!

Hold your Amazonite crystal in one hand and close both eyes. Take three deep breaths, then say aloud the affirmation that speaks to you most clearly about what it means for this stone’s power and belief! Imagine how wonderful your life will be when all of these things have come true with every last ounce of effort put forth today…