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Amazonite is a stone of intuition and communication, promoting loving relationships. It also enhances sight by opening the third eye chakra to visions beyond what can be seen with physical eyes…  Amazonite is a stone of rejuvenation. It can provide the perfect pick-me-up for your physical well-being after an illness or injury, as it has been known to help heal cells and keep them regenerating normally.


Frequently Asked Questions About Amazonite Crystals

Amazonite crystals are very popular for healing and meditation and with popularity comes quite a few questions.  So, we put together a list of frequently asked questions below and gave our best answers to help guide you on your crystal journey.


How Much Does Amazonite Cost?

The cost of Amazonite can vary depending on its color and quality. It also depends on whether it’s in specimen form or a cabochon. Specimens, depending on their rarity, can be fairly cheap to expensive.  The average price range for an Amazonite cabochon varies between $2-$25 per gram depending on color and quality.


What is Amazonite Used For?

Amazonite can be used in reiki, chakra healing, manifestation, or feng shui to help communicate more clearly throughout all areas of life.  It is a stone with big soothing energy and helps people find their calm. Amazonite is an excellent stone for balancing masculine and feminine energies, as well it can help people with anxiety.


What Chakra is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a stone that will help you clear your throat and heart chakras. When these are aligned, it can lead to shades of love and trust as well as expressions with compassion in speech or writing.


Where Should I Place my Amazonite Crystal?

Welcoming Amazonite into your home can be a great way to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and creativity. Place this stone in any shared space, like near an entryway or bedroom so that everyone who walks past will feel its calming effect! You could also keep one close by at night as it’ll help you sleep easier than ever before.


What Crystal Goes with Amazonite?

There are quite a few crystals that compliment Amazonite but here are my top 3, in no particular order.  First on the list is Citrine, second on the list would be Rose Quartz and my third favorite crystal would be Lapis Lazuli.


How to Charge Amazonite Crystals?

The best way to charge your Amazonite is by placing it in the light of the moon for a few hours or leaving them with other gemstones that are known for charging, like Clear Quartz and Selenite.


How to Cleanse Amazonite Crystals?

Your Amazonite needs regular cleansing to keep it working at full capacity. One way you can do this is by running the crystal under tepid water for a quick discharge or using vocal toning techniques like sound baths and smudging with sage leaves when necessary!


Where to Buy Amazonite Crystals?

If you’re in a hurry and need a basic crystal for meditation then Etsy or eBay is a great place to look.  Most of the crystals are affordable and it’s a great way to start a crystal collection.  Once you’ve been bitten by the gemstone bug then you’ll want to make your way to your local gem and mineral show.  They typically have higher quality crystals and you’ll be able to see and touch them.  If you’re a gem-collecting aficionado then you’ll want to make the journey to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show.  This is where you’ll find the highest quality and the most unique crystals on earth.


Did We Answer All of Your Questions About Amazonite Crystals?

Having the answers to all of your Amazonite crystal questions helps you to incorporate them into your life in a meaningful way. If you’re like others and want to calm your mind or boost your intuition, Amazonite is the perfect stone to help you do so.