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Amber is a beautiful stone with ancient energy. It will help you tame your negative emotions and deflect any negativity that others may send toward you! Amber works hard at making sure only positive energies come into contact with yourself when working in this crystal’s presence.  So don’t worry about being too exposed while holding onto these powerful crystals because the power in every piece lies deep within its prehistoric history.

The energy of amber is a beautiful and soothing presence in our lives. This crystal has been cherished for centuries as it brings peace, patience, and love to those that surround it with positive vibes!


Amber Pairings

Amber has many uses as it’s both calming to the mind while providing protection from negative energies around you or inside your own home.  When placed strategically inside your dwelling or office space, Amber deflects negative energies so they will never find their way into the room.

When combined with other crystals, Amber offers an enhancement in healing energy. The list of possible combinations that can be used for this crystal is extensive and includes:


amber citrine combo


Amber and Citrine Combination

Citrine is a great crystal to have if you’re looking for an energy boost. It can help with digestive issues, thyroid problems, and even kidney disorders! This stone will also keep balance in your mind by regulating emotions that might be causing emotional imbalances or pain somewhere else in the body such as gallbladder stress/disease.

Another wonderful thing about Citrines is their healing properties when combined with Amber or other crystals.

Citrine is a stone that will give you energy and improve your nervous system. When combined with Amber, this crystal’s energies become even more powerful as it strengthens the spine to make sure all parts of our body are working well together efficiently!

You can take advantage of this combination to improve blood circulation and eliminate cellulite.

One thing you might not know about these crystals is that they can heal at both emotional and spiritual levels. If someone has been really sick, the Citrine or Amber will help them get better emotionally as well physically!


amber tiger eye combo


Amber and Tiger Eye Combination

Though not really a stone, fossilized tree resin is still very beneficial to the body. In fact, it can be used as an effective cleanser for your mind and spirit too!

Here’s how to use these crystals in your manifesting routine. Add a stone like Amethyst or Citrine for stability and grounding, then follow it up with Tiger’s Eye (or any other crystal) which will give you the energy boost of joy & happiness!

Amber has always been known as “the gemstone of leadership.” It grounds us while also stimulating our enthusiasm – perfect when we need an extra nudge towards success on this path called life.

Life is usually more enjoyable if you approach it with an optimistic perspective. Not only does this make your life easier, but also stronger and longer-lasting! You can learn how by using Amber & Tiger’s Eye, two stones that will teach you to minimize mistakes while maximizing success in all areas of living.

With the help of these tools, you will be able to see your failures as opportunities for growth and learning.


amber peridot combo


Amber and Peridot Combination

Peridot is a stone that has not only its own beauty but also bonds well with many other crystals. While there’s no one crystal Peridot can’t connect to; it all depends on how you want the stones around you to work with your energy signature.

Fortune and wealth are two things that everyone desires. To invite these positive energies into your life, combine the powers of Amber with Peridot for more confident energy or lucky vibes!

This crystal combination is great at eliminating toxins and drawing out stagnant energy.

The effects of this crystal combination are really amazing. It will give you a boost to work hard for your goals and aspirations, as well as get rid of the lethargy.

The crystal combination of Peridot and Amber is going to offer you new insights that can help your project propel forward. This infusion of creativity will also give off a creative vibe, which makes it perfect for those who want more originality in their life!

These two crystals will help you acquire success as well as Good Luck and Fortune. They can also remove any obstacles in your way, so it’s best to keep them around for those times when things get tough!


amber sunstone combo


Amber and Sunstone Combination

Sunstone and Amber are a perfect match when it comes to relationships. These two crystals will help you understand your partner better, which in turn increases patience. You won’t get frustrated or angry so easily because of the stones’ energies infusing themselves within your love life.

The healing properties of Sunstone and Amber are renowned for helping to transform problematic relationships into stronger ones. If you’re going through a rough time, this crystal combination will help smooth out your differences with its calming energies!

The best way to attract love is by carrying these crystals with you at all times. When we have a healthy, vibrant energy field it becomes increasingly attractive for others who are seeking romance and relationships because they know that their own aura will be reinforced every time someone interacts positively with them!

They’ll help you become a more sensitive and passionate lover by boosting your sexual energy.  Sunstone is excellent for stimulating the male libido, while Amber will do wonders with the female yonic.


Enhance Your Life with Amber Pairings

Amber is a powerful crystal all on its own, but if you’re looking for even more healing and energy then consider combining it with other crystals.  Don’t forget you can place these crystal combinations in your house or workplace.  If you need crystals in your everyday life then consider wearing them or keeping a few stones in your pocket or purse.