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Azurite offers multiple benefits as well as positive energies. However, if you want to amplify its powers consider combining this crystal with our top 5 crystals below.  You’ll learn why you need to combine the crystals and the benefits of each pairing.  These powerful pairings are destined to open your mind, body, and soul.


Azurite Pairings

When combining Azurite with other crystals the powers are improved and your chakras energies will flow more freely.  Azurite crystals are capable of increasing your emotional awareness which means you’ll want to dispel negative energies by combining crystals.  Crystal collectors can easily be confused about which crystals are the best for pairing with Azurite so we made a short list of our favorite crystal combinations.  We hope you enjoy!


azurite chrysocolla combo


Azurite and Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla and Azurite help open your mind to new ideas, information, and alternatives.

This crystal combination helps with discovering new ideas and interests that you never thought about.  Its healing powers are also well known by crystal collectors which makes this combination perfect for individuals looking to heal their minds and body. They not only purify the body and mind but negate bad energy surrounding you.

You might also find that Chrysocolla opens you to cosmic powers while Azurite provides the conduit for you to hear, see and accept them.


azurite malachite combo


Azurite and Malachite

This combination has to be one of the most popular among crystal and mineral collectors.  Malachite and Azurite are the perfect pairings that help your entire body work in an optimized fashion by reducing inflammatory energies.

It also raises your perception of love and emotional healing.  If you’re dealing with difficult emotions or challenges in life then consider adding Malachite and Azurite to your daily rituals.

Malachite’s healing green energy and Azurite’s melodic blue energy help calm your nervous system brought on by outside stressors.  If you’re feeling out of balance or unable to let go of trauma in your past then this combo is the perfect addition to your crystal rituals.

Tap into your heart chakra by making this combination a foundational stone combo during your meditation and yoga sessions.


azurite onyx combo


Azurite and Onyx

Combining Azurite with Onyx will help dissolve emotional blocks and negativity while improving vitality, awakening instincts, and reminding users of their true power.

It’s a beneficial crystal combination for anyone coming out of addictive behavior and wishing to recover because it alleviates symptoms associated with illness and degenerative health. Recovered alcoholics and ex-smokers will find that Onyx and Azurite combined encourage blood flow and remove negative feelings.

Azurite and Onyx have been prized crystals for centuries because Azurite is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and Onyx delivers confidence and reassurance. It challenges you to grow while also fighting off feelings of self-loathing and disgust. Allow Onyx to plant you firmly in the ground where you may blossom into the person you always wanted to be and let Azurite be your spiritual guide during your meditation practices.


azurite black tourmaline combo


Azurite and Black Tourmaline

Azurite dissolves emotional blocks and negativity while Black Tourmalines are the perfect stone to help you stay calm and protected when dealing with negative energies.

Azurite alleviates symptoms associated with illness and degenerative health but Black Tourmaline helps transform those negative thoughts derived from poor health into positive vibrations and openness.

Azurite does the heavy lifting when it comes to spiritual growth and when you combine it with Black Tourmaline you’ll be able to explore the world of spirits safely because it repels negative energies.


azurite labradorite combo


Azurite and Labradorite

Once again, if you’re looking to better understand your inner self then you should combine Azurite with Labradorite for a deep mediation session. If you find yourself doing things out of character then Labradorite can assist with transforming your thoughts and activities.

Start off your day by tapping into your intuition by combining Labradorite and Azurite.  You’ll come to appreciate this crystal combo because you’ll start to see the benefits of having a greater understanding of yourself.

If you’re having trouble determining your positive and negative traits then Azurite and Labradorite are the perfect pair to help solve this specific problem.  The first step in understanding who you are is evaluating your strengths and weaknesses.


Enhance Your Life with Azurite Pairings

Azurite is a stone that has been used for centuries to help one manifest their dreams. It works best when combined with other stones like Chrysocolla, Malachite, Onyx, and Labradorite which all have specific energies that contribute toward healing or manifestation.