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Bloodstone is a favorite amongst crystal collectors and rightfully so, its dark green color and bright red blotches make for an interesting mineral.  Most healers and collectors wear Bloodstone as jewelry for its healing properties when it comes to anxiety.

If you’re dealing with anxiety issues then you’re probably dealing with lesser issues as well.  That’s why I recommend combining Bloodstone with other crystals and minerals to enhance the body and mind.


Bloodstone Pairings

Bloodstone should be combined with powerful crystals to assist with removing negative energy.  You’ll want to pair it with stones that compliment the root chakra because Bloodstone is visceral in nature and your chakras are interconnected.

These combinations form the perfect balance for addressing your body’s energy fields.


bloodstone amethyst combo


Bloodstone and Amethyst Combination

This powerful healing stone can be used for detoxifying your body, mind, and soul which makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking to make some changes in those aspects of yourself!

Paired with Amethyst, Bloodstone can be used to clear your mind and dispel confusion. If you need to make an important decision but are feeling stressed or rushed because of all the options available in front of you, this crystal will help put those worries at ease so we don’t cloud our thinking.

Bloodstone and Amethyst are perfect for remembering dreams. They can be kept under your pillow or on the bedside table to help you remember what was going through your mind while sleeping!

Dream journals are a great way to track your dreams and process what they mean. You can keep one under the pillow or on top of the bedside table for easy access at night, so you’re always ready when something comes into your sleep thoughts!


bloodstone tiger eye combo


Bloodstone and Tiger’s Eye Combination

The beautiful and calming bloodstone is the perfect combination for Tiger’s Eye. The smooth energy flow of this stone will help you feel at ease and dispel any fears or anxieties that may be gripping your mind.

Wearing Bloodstone and Tiger’s Eye together can help you get your anger under control. The stones emit soothing vibrations that encourage a few moments of collection before speaking so it’s best to do this when things are starting to get out of hand or during times when emotions might be running high.

When you’re calm, Tiger’s Eye will help provide the mental clarity needed to express your frustration clearly and directly without hurting others.

When the scales are thrown into chaos, you can keep your cool by holding onto Bloodstone and Tiger’s Eye. This will help bring calmness back to your environment.


bloodstone black tourmaline combo


Bloodstone and Black Tourmaline Combo

Bloodstone is a great stone to have around if you want your physical healing power boosted. I love that it can be used for so many different types of ailments and still leave me feeling refreshed after using the remedy, even when taken internally!

The healing power of these two crystals is perfect for a detoxifying cleanse. They can also help strengthen your immune system, so it will be able to fight off any toxins in the body!

The stones you wear are an emotional shield, allowing the wearer to deal with stress and negative emotions more easily than they would otherwise be able. They act as a filtering system for your body’s energy by absorbing any toxins that may accumulate due to constant anger or anxiety; giving rise to not only physical but also mental well-being.

In addition, wearing these items provides protection against things such as electromagnetic waves which could drain us emotionally – something very valuable during these days when everyone seems so preoccupied!


bloodstone hematite combo


Hematite and Bloodstone Combination

Bloodstone is a crystal that has been used since ancient times for its detoxifying properties and to cleanse the blood.

Hematite and Bloodstone are two different stones that can be combined to make a great pair. When used in tandem, they help one another dispel confusion while also revitalizing the mind; this is perfect for those times when you may feel indecisive!

You can combine Bloodstone and Hematite to improve your intuition and avoid dangerous situations. Spending time in nature is a great way of opening up the ability for inner guidance as well! Carry these stones with you while going on walks outside or just take them along when traveling so they’re always close by.


bloodstone turquoise combo


Bloodstone and Turquoise Combination

Bloodstone and Turquoise are protective crystals offering a safe space for you to work through negativity in your life.  They’ll provide a powerful barrier between the negative influences and your path to positive outcomes.

Another benefit to this crystal combination is the healing energies. Bloodstone and Turquoise may help with digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Plus, they’ll help with alleviating pains like headaches and stomach aches.


Enhance Your Life with Bloodstone Pairings

Bloodstone is a stone that has been used for centuries to help one manifest their dreams. It works best when combined with other stones like Amethyst, Hematite, Tiger’s Eye, and Black Tourmaline which all have specific energies that contribute towards healing or manifestation.