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Promote positive change with crystals and affirmations. Carnelian is a powerful crystal that you can combine to help inspire yourself in many ways, such as repeating an affirmation while holding onto your Carnelian stone or wearing them together for increased motivation!


List of Carnelian Crystal Affirmations

Carnelian is a beautiful, fiery crystal that has the power to stimulate passion and creativity. It also encourages risk-taking making it an excellent stone for entrepreneurs who start new ventures as well as those seeking success in their entrepreneurial endeavors!

Think about your affirmations every day. Visualize yourself being successful and living out these promises to make them a reality!

I find that when you repeat positive messages like “I am strong” over again during these times of meditation with an open mind they begin taking root deep within your subconsciousness where it belongs.  As opposed to looking at your self-image because we all have flaws that allow self-doubt which destroys hope if the internal message becomes too loud.

Below are my favorite affirmations that help you soothe your body, mind, and soul.


Carnelian Affirmations for Abundance

The power of Carnelian is more than just a pretty face. It can help you manifest your dreams and goals by promoting concentration, optimism, and focus.  It’s an essential tool for anyone who wants to bring their ideas from imagination into reality!  Keep one at work or near other important places (like home) so that every time trouble crops up you’ll be reminded of the abundant energy Carnelian brings into your life.

Think about your affirmations for abundance every day. Visualize yourself living an abundant life and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. I have an abundance of fresh ideas.
  2. I easily envision abundance in my life.
  3. I was born to live an abundance lifestyle.
  4. I attract abundance into my life.
  5. Abundance flows through me.


Carnelian Affirmations for Creativity

Think about your affirmations for creativity every day. Visualize yourself being creative and living a lifestyle that nurtures creativity.  Over time this combination will help relieve depression and anxiety.

  1. I attract creativity into my life.
  2. I create my own reality.
  3. My creativity has no limits.
  4. I have strong creative potential.
  5. I welcome creative energy into my life.


Carnelian Affirmations for Problem Solving

With its powerful energy, Carnelian will give encourage you to prioritize your self-love. By promoting determination and focus, this crystal also inspires you to embrace change instead of fearing it. If you want to manifest the life of your dreams, Carnelian is definitely a crystal you should keep with you.

Think about your problem-solving skills every day. Visualize yourself solving problems that will lead to success and creativity in your everyday life.

  1. I easily find solutions to my problems.
  2. I improve my problem-solving skills every day.
  3. I am a natural at solving problems.
  4. I always find new ways to solve problems.
  5. My mind is always open to new solutions.


Carnelian Affirmations for Inspiration

The warm vibrations of Carnelian are said to stimulate positive thinking and help you recognize your strengths. It also teaches us how we can be more assertive in life, no matter what challenges come our way!

Think about your inspirational affirmations every day. Visualize yourself being inspirational for others and receiving inspiration in your everyday life.

  1. I am inspired.
  2. The Universe provides me with an infinite supply of inspiration.
  3. My imagination is infinite.
  4. I am full of inspiration.
  5. I am inspired by the beauty of nature.


Carnelian Affirmations for Success

Carnelian is a great stone to have around if you want your ideas brought into reality. It will help boost concentration and promote optimism, which both aid in staying focused on the task at hand while accomplishing goals!

Think about your affirmations for success every day. Visualize yourself being successful and living out these promises to make them a reality!

  1. I am a successful artist.
  2. I am blessed with limitless success.
  3. I am grateful for the creative energy that feeds my success.
  4. My positive attitude attracts successful people into my life.
  5. I will achieve success as an artist.


Start Using Affirmations for Carnelian

Carnelian is a powerful crystal that must be programmed for your specific purpose. Once you set your intention, it will become easier to manifest positivity and start noticing changes in the environment around you!

Hold your Carnelian crystal in one hand and close both eyes. Take three deep breaths, then say aloud the affirmation that speaks to you most clearly about what it means for this stone’s power and belief! Imagine how wonderful your life will be when all of these things have come true with every last ounce of effort put forth today…