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Carnelian is a powerful crystal that can help you be more creative and energized. The color of this stone ranges from red-brown, which makes for an excellent energy boost!

Carnelian has been used for spiritual and physical healing. It has the power to warm your insides while also giving you energy, which makes it perfect for these cold winter months when we need extra heat inside us!


Frequently Asked Questions About Carnelian

Carnelian is very popular for spiritual healing and meditation and with popularity comes quite a few questions.  So, we put together a list of frequently asked questions below and gave our best answers to help guide you on your crystal journey.


How Much is Carnelian Worth?

Carnelian comes in different shades of orange-yellow but the most prized color is a glowing red.  The all-red nodules or the ones with some white banding usually sell for a higher price when compared to the yellowish-brown hues.  You can expect to pay $5 per gram or higher for the best quality.


What Does  Carnelian Do?

Carnelian helps balance out your emotions so they don’t take over your life or cause emotional distress. It has been used for centuries as a great purifier and helps people who have unhealthy lifestyles.


What Chakra is Carnelian?

Carnelian is a powerful crystal that awakens the Sacral chakra which is home to our creative and sensual energies. It assists with awakening our sensual side and manifesting our desires for an abundant life.  Some healers say Carnelian has secondary effects on the Root chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra


How to Determine if Carnelian is Fake?

Carnelian is usually faked with plastic or glass.  The best way to spot a fake is to look for chips on the edge or non-conchoidal fractures on the surface.  If you see an engine turn effect on the inside of the stone then that’s a red flag as well.  If you have the correct tools to test for specific gravity then you should have no issue spotting fakes.


What Crystal Goes with Carnelian?

There are quite a few crystals that compliment Carnelian but here are my top 3, in no particular order.  First on the list is Garnet, second on the list would be Sunstone and my third favorite crystal would be Rose Quartz.


How to Charge Carnelian?

The best way to charge your Carnelian is by placing it in the direct light of a full moon for a few hours.  If the moon cycles don’t line up with your need for charging then the next best option would be direct sunlight.


How to Cleanse Carnelian?

Carnelian benefits from staying cleansed and charged so they can transmit their power by removing negative energy and toxic vibes.  One way you can do this is by running the crystal under tepid water for a quick discharge or using vocal toning techniques like sound baths and smudging with sage leaves when necessary!


Where to Buy Carnelian?

If you’re in a hurry and need a basic crystal for meditation then Etsy or eBay is a great place to look.  Most of the crystals are affordable and it’s a great way to start a crystal collection.  Once you’ve been bitten by the gemstone bug then you’ll want to make your way to your local gem and mineral show.  They typically have higher quality crystals and you’ll be able to see and touch them.  If you’re a gem-collecting aficionado, you’ll want to make the journey to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show.  This is where you’ll find the highest quality and the most unique crystals on earth.


Did We Answer All of Your Questions About Carnelian?

Having the answers to all of your Carnelian questions helps you to incorporate them into your life in a meaningful way. If you’re like others and want to calm your mind or boost your intuition, Carnelian is the perfect stone to help you do so.