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Charoite is a stunning stone, and I don’t think it gets enough of the spotlight. This elusive crystal is only found in one region, the Sakha Republic in Siberia, Russia.

Charoite comes from the Chara River, which runs along the Kodar Mountains, where the precious gem was initially discovered. This beauty was first discovered in the 1940s and wasn’t available in the global markets until the late 1970s. While it seems to be a more recent find, metaphysicians believe that it holds deep spiritual and symbolic meaning.

To say that the charoite’s composition is complex is an understatement. One mineralogical source describes this fancy rock as a hydrated potassium, calcium, sodium, strontium, barium, and silicate hydroxyfluoride.

Could charoite be as magical as it looks? When you look deeply into the lavender purple stone with its transparent to-translucence vibe, you’ll notice the fibrous interlocking masses. It is no surprise that charoite is a stone of transformation in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives.


Charoite Crystal Properties
Mineral: Silicate

Chemical Composition: K₅Ca₈Si₁₈O₄6(OH)●₃(H₂O)

Color: Translucent Lavendar to Purple – Purple to violet, light brown

Refractive Index: 1.550-1.561

Specific Gravity: 2.54 to 2.78

Mohs Hardness: 5 to 6


Charoite Crystal Healing Properties

Crystals, stones, and gems have been used for centuries to heal our entire being. Charoite seems to pack a healthy punch with its incredible healing properties.


Charoite Crystals and Health

Charoite is believed to regulate our blood pressure. But that’s not all it can do!

Charoite is used for food and alcohol detoxification. It eases restless leg syndrome. It’s been said that placing charoite crystals under the bed or pillow while we sleep can help relieve various sleeping disorders. It can be especially beneficial when using charoite in combination with amethyst.

While charoite can help us sleep, interestingly, it can also give us a boost of energy when we’re feeling low.

This precious stone can help treat issues with the eyes, liver, heart, and pancreas. It is believed to have the power to reverse liver damage caused by alcohol consumption. Charoite can also ease aches, pains, and cramps.

Charoite crystals help with various dysfunctions of the nervous system and play a role in benefiting autism and bipolar disorders. This powerful stone can help strengthen our bodies and energy fields by grounding high-frequency energy into our physical bodies.


Charoite Crystals and Human Feelings

Our inner fears can have such a hold on us that it disrupts our emotions and day-to-day lives. Charoite crystals are excellent stones to help overcome numerous worries. They can also help accelerate our emotional healing.

Whether we all, believe it or not, some feel that Charoite can help those that selfishly control others by causing them to be morally aware of their actions.

Charoite can bring about deep physical and emotional healing by giving us vigor, drive, and spontaneity. It has the power to reduce worry and stress, which helps us overcome obsessions, compulsions, and frustrations.

Sometimes we struggle with separating our issues from the issues of others, but charoite can help with that. The charoite stone contains transformational properties that expand our ability to set healthy boundaries and amplify our own power.


Charoite Crystals and The Human Mind

The human mind can be a dangerous place. Charoite is well-known as the transformer as it helps us take fresh approaches to old patterns and information. This purple beauty stimulates observation, perception, and analysis, further enabling us correct adverse decisions that can possibly be made.

Those generally driven by others’ agendas and ideas rather than their own may want to consider carrying charoite with them.

Charoite is a mineral that can help us sort out details, untangles unnecessary chaotic thoughts, and can shine a light on complex and confusing situations. It is believed that the chaos within expands, drawing attention to the key areas that need attention more.

Charoite is excellent for those of us struggling with being homesick, making it the perfect choice for those who live or work away from their family and friends.

The stamina boost this stone provides can last for long periods, especially for those who have long hours of intense work and those helping the sick and elderly. It can prevent us from repeating our past mistakes, which is a definite benefit.


Charoite Crystals and The Human Spirit

Charoite crystals can stimulate our spiritual insights and inner visions. If sudden life changes seem hard to cope with, consider getting a charoite crystal.

Charoite is believed to cleanse our auras and can stimulate feelings of unconditional love for ourselves and others. It can bring deep spirituality onto this earthly plane and raise the Earth’s energy into our crown chakra. Charoite can promote awareness of realities far beyond the material and physical vessels we embody.

The healing this crystal brings to our body is because the stone makes us more aware of karma and karmic energy.

A stone that can help us learn to take responsibility for our life’s path is one worth having. Charoite can help open our heart chakra, allowing the kundalini energy to flow into our throat, third eye, and crown chakras. It opens our hearts to enhance the healing flow of inspiration into our third eye.

This powerful crystal is relatively versatile, especially when used on the heart, crown, and third eye chakras, helping stimulate our psychic powers.

Charoite not only draws in the good but can also be used to ward off negative vibrations and energy from psychic attacks and psychic vampires.

Whether you “believe” in the powers of charoite crystals, they’re a beautiful sight to behold. Crystals have been used for overall well-being and all levels of healing for thousands of years. While charoite is a newer addition to the lengthy list of crystals, it’s known to be excellent for the mind, body, and spirit.


Charorite Affirmations

Have you ever wanted more success and fortune in your life? Did someone give negative feedback about your work or tell off-color jokes during the meeting? Well, if this has happened to you then there’s no need for shame because affirmations are here! Affirmations will help build wealth and success while crystals can release negativity that might be holding back progress in other areas of your life.  Charoite crystal affirmations are helpful tools when combined together as one supports the other and grows stronger each time we use them.

Affirmations are a great way to change your mindset and improve self-esteem. Make sure you use them in conjunction with Charoite, which will give you even more amazing results!


Charoite Crystals and Chakras

The 7 chakras are a person’s internal energy centers and they’re aligned vertically near the spine. Energy enters your body through what we call “head” (heaven) or base(earth). The seven main points of intersection where these forces mingle create different patterns which can be seen as vibrant colors within our own being; each producing its own signature color-coded aura to represent health concerns such as stress levels, moods etc… These vortexes were created so that all might share both physical space.  The chakras are in constant interaction with one another. They cannot really be separated, and serve as a balance to your entire being – both physical aspects like emotions or personality traits but also more abstract ones such as thoughts about yourself (think: beliefs).

Two extra chakras have recently been discovered by ancient yogic studies; the Earth Star Chakra and Soul-Star Chi. I have included a brief description of these in my page for you to learn more about them!


Charoite Crystals and Auric Bodies

  • Physical
  • Etheric
  • Astral
  • Mental
  • Picture


Human beings have seven bodies, one physical and six nonphysical. The six unseen bodies are known as auras.

The physical body and the six nonphysical bodies are interconnected with each other. The health of any or all auras contributes toward the overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of a person.

Auras, also known as energy bodies, are affected by all aspects of your life and the energy that feeds them comes from internal and external sources.  You’ll need high-quality prana or chi flowing into them to ensure the health of these energy bodies.

Physical Body

  • this is the body that you live in and is linked to the Base Chakra.

Etheric Body

  • a blueprint for the physical body and is made up of vibrating energy.  It’s linked to the Sacral Chakra.

Astral Body

  • your emotions reside here. It is comprised of different colors that are constantly changing based on how you feel.  Emotional experiences are also stored in the astral body and is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Mental Body

  • is made up of two parts, the lower and the higher. The lower mental body is linked to the solar plexus chakra, while the higher mental body is linked to the heart chakra.
    The lower mental body is where you do your everyday thinking. It is the mind that you use to reason, form mental arguments, create thought forms, and memorize things. The lower mental body is tied to your personality.   For example, thinking negatively will eventually permeate into the physical body.  Therefore changing your negative thought patterns can often change your mental health for the better.

As your spirituality develops you’ll raise your consciousness and it is through this pathway you’ll be able to tap into the One Mind.  The “One Mind” contains all information.  By opening your higher mental body you’ll receive moments of knowledge that flow to you.


Frequently Asked Questions About Charoite Crystals

Charoite crystals are very popular for healing and meditation and with popularity comes quite a few questions.  So, we put together a list of frequently asked questions below and gave our best answers to help guide you on your crystal journey.