How to Live With Crystals in Your Home

crystals in your home

Your home is the one place in your life where you can be completely relaxed, calm, and content. It’s where all of those stressful feelings from outside come to rest as soon as they enter through its doors—leaving only positive energy behind! The way we carelessly handle our homes may affect more than just what happens there; it also has an effect on how YOU feel about yourself each day. If creating a down-tempo lifestyle sounds appealing but intimidating at first glance (it should!), don’t worry because with enough consideration given towards enhancing your home with crystals you’ll create a living space that mirrors your lifestyle.

Crystals have been a crucial component of home and work decor for centuries, but recently they’ve popped up in several magazines. They’re not just used by gypsies or wanderlust practitioners,  crystals can be found throughout your home because their energy evokes different feelings! If you don’t want to shell out big bucks on an expensive stone or cluster then look for smaller rock and crystal options that provide a sense of healing and calmness without breaking the bank.


Enhance These 6 Spaces in Your Home with Crystals

Crystals are an excellent way to bring positive energies into your home. Larger crystals can make jaw-dropping statement pieces that shift the energy around while smaller ones bring soothing comfort to every room. They can be used in many different ways, depending on what you want them and where it is that they’ll work best!

You could have a small crystal sitting next to or hanging from one specific area as decoration – maybe near the window so sunshine streams through constantly? Or perhaps within reach at all times during meals by placing them in the kitchen or on the dinner table.

Cleansing your home is as easy and natural with a few stones. Not only will they elevate the vibe, but you’ll have beautiful decor all throughout the house. Place some crystals on top of furniture for good luck during work hours or use them on an altar alongside other important items like tarot cards and palo santo wood sticks.


Crystals in the Living Space

Think about your living space as the perfect sanctuary – a place where you can relax and unwind after stressful days. To help clear out any negative energy, use crystal clusters to create an elegant centerpiece for tables or shelves in your home!

Amethyst crystals are excellent for promoting feelings of tranquility and will also purify the energy around you. They’re perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere in your living space, so they can help make guests feel at home when visiting! You might use Celestite too; it’s known to give off serenity-inducing vibes that improve communication among family members who live there. Place these crystals strategically throughout any room where people come together such as inside a bookshelf or near windows that provide natural light during daytime hours.


Crystals in the Dining Room

The dining room is another area in your home where people can gather together. It’s recommended to use a carved or shaped Blue Lapis Lazuli stone as it promotes excellent communication among members of the household- especially if you have children. A Citrine will also help with digestion, so this would work well for those long meals after dinner time has passed but before bedtime starts rolling around. Dark crystals and stones such as black marble offer protection against negative energies caused by heated conversations happening within these rooms – they dampen any negative feelings brought on during tense discussions while still allowing beneficial energy to flow through them.


Crystals in the Bedroom

The bedroom is not just a place to sleep and relax but also an area for you to feel refreshed after work. It’s essential that the room doesn’t emit negative energy so it can help promote good quality rest, which we achieve by using crystals like Rose quartz. These particular stones have been known as “healing leaders” because they support calmness around them.

If you want a good night’s sleep, crystal scolecite is the stone for your bedside table. It will help promote deep and relaxing slumber by acting as an excellent source of calming energy during those long nights spent sleeping restlessly. You can also try selenite lamps which emit high vibrations that radiate out into space cleansing harmful energies.

These crystals help promote deep and relaxing sleep. For those with insomnia, it is recommended that you place Howlite on top of your nightstand to ensure a restful evening’s slumber.


Crystals in the Bathroom

Make your bath time feel über fancy by tossing some crystals in the water. We recommend Shungite for detoxing and rose quartz as an ingredient of self-love!

The bathroom can be a place of peace and relaxation, as well as an opportunity to cleanse yourself. Crystals that help with this process should be placed in or around the bathroom for optimum results! With feng shui beliefs stating all bathrooms drain negativity from your home’s energy field; adding cleansing crystals like Amethyst and Rose Quartz will keep things balanced while grounding river rocks make sure positive vibes remain in the space making them perfect spots if you’re seeking tranquility.


Crystals in the Entryway

The energy of your home can be changed depending on the crystals that are placed around it. Negative or bad intentions will not enter if there are no welcoming crystals for them, so place some near doors to keep out any unwanted guests! Crystals also help visitors feel at ease once they walk inside – just be sure you have plenty available in case someone unexpectedly stops by.

Here are some great suggestions for your home’s entrance! Blue stones bring comfort and peace to anyone who goes inside, while Lapis provides a welcoming feeling that will calm any guest. Additionally, Selenite lamps produce high vibrational energy which brightens the mood of those entering as well as keeps negative feelings like anxiety or anger from coming into the house.


Crystals in the Home Office

Crystals are a wonderful way to enhance your office’s energy. They can be used in any area and have different effects on the environment, so you’re free from having just one type of crystal all over!

Crystals have been used for centuries as tools that can help you be more productive in your work. One such crystal, Pyrite brings prosperity and good fortune with its metallic coloration attracting negative energy away from buildings or spaces where it’s located which then improves focus due to the positive energies being drawn into these areas, making it an excellent addition to any workspace!

Pyrite is a great crystal choice for the office or workplace because it emits strong positive energy that can affect how you work. It has the ability to show you which behaviors are holding you back from succeeding, as well as elevate your consciousness and awareness so you are focused on what needs to be done now!


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