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Kunzite is a beautiful crystal that connects your mind to your heart and when you combine it with other crystals you’ll experience new levels of emotional wisdom and understanding.  This wonderful crystal has a variety of colors that resonate with your emotions like violet and pastel pink. That’s why it’s known as the “Stone of Emotion.”

Kunzite is a powerful healer that provides the inner peace and wisdom that you seek.


Kunzite Pairings

Kunzite is a crystal that helps calm your mental chaos so you can enjoy peace of mind.  If you’re ready to take your emotional awareness to a new level then you should consider combining or pairing the Kunzite crystal with other complimentary crystals.  These combos will help shift your perspective on emotions, love, and peacefulness.  Here are the top combinations that healers use to further amplify the benefits of Kunzite.


kunzite lapis lazuli combo


Kunzite and Lapis Lazuli

One of my favorite crystal combinations is Kunzite and Lapis Lazuli. The all-powerful Kunzite crystal works well with Lapis because it brings love and peacefulness to your anxiety and negative thoughts. We all need more love and peace in our lives.

Lapis Lazuli is the perfect stone for those looking to find their inner truth. It can help you explore who YOU really are by pairing with Kunzite, which will bring forth a more profound sense of connection in your life!

With its gentle vibrations, Lapis Lazuli brings harmony and deep peace into your life. This combination encourages you to focus on what is within your control when the world seems so uncertain outside of yourself.

This crystal combination is said to stimulate the brain and promote your love language. The soft hues of Kunzite, combined with its glowing blue sibling can invigorate any person who sees them!


kunzite iolite combo


Kunzite and Iolite

Here’s another powerful violet and pink crystal combo.  By combining Iolite with Kunzite the wearer will benefit from heightened awareness and spiritual clarity.  I like to use this crystal combination during meditation because it brings my focus back into check and the mental voices on repeat are quickly silenced.  This provides space for my thinking and grounding practices.

Iolite is known as the “Viking Compass Stone.”  It provides direction during turbulent times while Kunzite provides the connection to your heart and emotions.  This is why I consider this combo a must-have for any crystal collector.


kunzite rhodonite combo


Kunzite and Rhodonite

When Kunzite can’t provide a deep enough connection to your heart and emotions then consider adding Rhodonite for the best emotional awareness combination.

When the dark-hued pink shades of Rhodonite illuminate your life, it brings a flush of celebrations to light up any heart. The sister stone is all about sending loving vibes out into our world and taking back space for yourself while also being there with others in their time of need.

This crystal pairing will help you break down those emotional walls and bring back peace for both yourself as well as everyone else around you!

Rhodonite and Kunzite are known for their rich healing properties because their pink hues bring out the most intense emotions associated with love.  If we want our capacity to grow more than what society deems acceptable then Rhodonite and Kunzite are what’s needed before taking steps in that direction.


kunzite rose quartz combo


Kunzite and Rose Quartz

The crystal known as Rose Quartz has an energy flow that’s smooth and easy-going. It pairs well with many gemstones, including Kunzite!

You might want to turn things around in your relationship if you’re feeling ignored or disrespected. Rose Quartz is a great tool for this, as it has calming vibrations that encourage us all to bring our best selves into relationships with others and make them feel loved & appreciated!

Kunzite is a popular love stone because of the emotional connection it facilitates and when you pair it with Rose Quartz you’ll benefit from intense emotional awareness and the ability to accept love.

As the Crystal of Unconditional Love, the Rose Quartz with its soft feminine energy brings healing, peace, comfort, and nourishment to the heart chakra. It shows you how to love without expecting any in return and still have a deep sense of personal contentment and fulfillment.

With the Kunzite and Rose Quartz pairing, you get a romantic combo, increasing your chance to find the love of your life or your soulmate. Rose Quartz exudes self-loving vibrational energies while Kunzite helps you enhance your communication with others, allowing you to feel or think about whatever it is you want to share with your loved one.


kunzite moonstone combo


Kunzite and Moonstone

Most people don’t know that Kunzite is also a great traveling crystal. It’s the perfect gemstone for guarding against stress while providing a connection to your inner thoughts.  Moonstone compliments perfectly because it amplifies a feeling of protection while providing a calming effect.

Now, you can pair Kunzite with Moonstone when you’re traveling with your significant other to enhance the experience.  You’ll make great memories, connect on a deeper level, and make time to appreciate each other’s presence.


Enhance Your Life with Kunzite Crystal Pairings

If you need some help manifesting your goals, then this list of crystal combinations will be just what you’re looking for. Some great pairings include Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, or Iolite. All three have powerful energies that can bring about manifestation on any level – big things too small to see yet easily achievable through connecting them together in our minds.

Start combining crystals today so you can picture yourself achieving success in the future.