5 Powerful Moonstone Combinations

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Moonstone has been a symbol of beauty and power for centuries. The crystal’s natural glow was once believed to be linked with health, but it also held spiritual meaning in ancient cultures like Hinduism or Buddhism which made up some of its earliest known users.

The modern-day buyer should know that this gem can bring good fortune if worn correctly while giving off an elegant vibe when utilized as jewelry because you’ll feel more confident about yourself than ever before!


Moonstone Pairings

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings, and it encourages us to live life fully. This crystal has many other benefits when paired with other stones that will be amplified by its energy!

Moonstone is a powerful stone in its own right. Pairing it with other crystals may seem like the best idea for people who are looking to take their psychic powers up another level, but this really isn’t necessary because Moonstones already have an array of energy-healing properties that can be used by anyone.  Keep reading to learn how you can bring more positivity into your day using the perfect combinations of Moonstones.


moonstone amethyst combo


Moonstone and Amethyst Combination

Moonstone and Amethyst are two crystals that can help you achieve your fertility goals. They have been known to increase female hormones, and aid in childbirth when worn by women during labor or before they give birth.  They’ve also been known to help men with reproductive health problems such as low sperm count. But don’t just take my word for it, incorporate these crystals into your loving relationships.

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal that brings happiness and serenity to the wearer. The peace it provides will make you feel calm, yet at times there may be emotional stability or stress relief for those who want children in their life too!

Moonstone and Amethysts can be used to help you focus on what really matters. These crystals are perfect for those who want the opportunity of realizing their potential in life, or someone looking forward to an exciting new beginning!


moonstone sunstone combo


Moonstone and Sunstone Combination

Sunstone and Moonstone are both excellent for promoting independence in children. If you find yourself relying heavily on others to make decisions, these stones can help!

You are a strong, independent woman and you have the power to find happiness. With Sunstone and Moonstone by your side, you’ll see how powerful these crystals are at bringing new beginnings or endings depending on what is needed.

These two stones can also help you reach your goals by encouraging self-empowerment. They will give the courage and strength necessary for taking control over life’s challenges, as well as provide assurance that all obstacles are overcome in this process.


moonstone amazonite combo


Moonstone and Amazonite Combination

Moonstone and Amazonite are a perfect pair, as both work to help understand your inner self. These two stones will bring insight into your own personality traits or patterns of thinking that may be holding back progress in other areas of life!

Some people find it challenging to be fully aware of who they are and affirm all their qualities. Journaling is a great way for individuals to reduce anxiety in their heads by releasing thoughts they would normally ignore or suppress without realizing them.

Journaling also helps you develop your self-expression, which is good for when writing poetry or other creative works. This can also promote focus!

You can also use Amazonite and Moonstone together in a very personal way – by reciting affirmations! When you focus on loving thoughts, your energy responds accordingly.


moonstone ruby combo


Moonstone and Ruby Combination

When you want to get your energy boiling and find that perfect spark of motivation, there’s no better crystal than Ruby. Not only does this stone promote happiness but it also helps with enthusiasm, which means we can expect high levels of productivity. Ruby pairs up nicely with Moonstone, each one helping the other grow in power as well as boosting our moods by giving off positive vibes.

Ruby and Moonstone can help you find happiness in everyday life. Their calming energies will teach your brain how to think positively, which is important for taming negative thoughts that often arise when we’re faced with difficulties or challenges.

A stone such as Ruby has the power not only to heal mental illness but also aid meditation practices so people may learn more about themselves through self-reflection.  While moonstone helps clear out any emotional blocks preventing us from living our best lives by bringing clarity into every aspect of personal relationships.

Meditation is a great way to increase your levels of feel-good chemicals, like endorphins and serotonin. This can be beneficial because the natural high created from these substances helps you relax mentally while also giving yourself an emotional lift!


moonstone jade combo


Moonstone and Jade Combination

Although Moonstone and Jade are both known for promoting good luck, their special properties make them an excellent duo. With help from these crystals, you can attract even more of what makes life great!

Jade and Moonstone are two stones that can be used in different combinations to encourage positive thinking. The protective properties of jade keep the wearer from negativity, while also bringing harmony into one’s life with its calming energies. You could wear some moonstones around your neck or carry an amethyst crystal bag for added mystical protection when needing extra bits ‘n’ pieces.

Crystals are powerful tools for manifestation and can be used to reprogram your mind. They act like a kind of programmed positive affirmations, which will help you manifest what’s important in life or change unwanted situations with ease!


Enhance Your Life with Moonstone Pairings

Moonstone is a beautiful gem with warm energy that can be paired up with other crystals for healing or manifestation. Some great combinations include Amethyst, Sunstone, and Jade which will help you achieve your goals, big or small.