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Obsidian is a type of rock that forms naturally when hot fluids cool rapidly. Obsidians can vary in color from black to shades such as snowflakes or gold depending on how much Iron Oxide was mixed with them while forming during their molten state centuries ago! It has a glassy texture and luster similar to Vitreous China items you may have seen at your local shop back home- only these pieces date way earlier than anything else we know about so far because they were made before any metal working took place–which means this stuff could be older than humanity itself!!!

Types of Obsidian

Black Obsidian – one of the most potent tools for protection, grounding, and deep-set healing. It can be used to tear down any falsehoods that you’ve been living with.

Rainbow Obsidian – is a stone with beautiful color patterns that can be seen by rolling the stone in the light. It’s also used for grounding and centering.

Snowflake Obsidian – is a stone that can help you shift patterns and come with all sorts of soothing vibes to temper frayed nerves.

Mahogany Obsidian – known for its fierce protective powers. For anyone having a vulnerable moment, this stone will make sure all attacks are warded off and protect you from harm.

Golden Obsidian – The Wizard Stone, known as Golden Obsidian will help activate your third eye and shine its light on negativity to take a leap towards higher living.


Obsidian Healing Properties

When it comes to your spiritual well-being, there is nothing more precious than Obsidian. This stone has been used for centuries in healing and protection because of its ability to stimulate growth while also keeping you safe.  It help’s the stone holder to have a clear mind and body which leads to full alignment.


Obsidian and Health

Obsidian is a highly protective stone that can help keep your body in a healthy state. It does this by helping detoxify and heal areas in need of attention. Obsidian is excellent at relieving digestive issues and it assists with gallbladder function.

Obsidian helps you thrive in every way possible. It keeps your heart beating full and loud, while also providing deep tissue healing so the body can rejuvenate and be fresh again.


Obsidian and Human Feelings

The Obsidian Stone is protective and perfectly poised to help you heal deeply. It knows how hard it can be when bad juju from yourself or external forces try their bests in dragging us down into despair.  With Obsidian by your side, nothing will get past its barriers.  The future seems bright as ever when you incorporate healing crystals into your everyday life.

Obsidian is a fascinating rock that can be used to bring balance into your life. It won’t make everything better, but it will help you find peace and tranquility in the midst of difficulty. Don’t let the dark color of Obsidian trick you, it brings light when there is only darkness.


Obsidian and Human Mind

When you hold Obsidian in your hands, it allows for a sense of calmness and peace. While experiencing life this crystal will keep you from walking down false paths and encourage you to step into the light without fear or hesitation.

If you’re working through a difficult mental state then Obsidian is great for healing mental scars and allowing the holder to find peace.

By letting go of everything that no longer serves you, it is possible for great things to happen. When we face our deeper selves and accept who we truly want to be without fear or regret is when we let go of what is no longer us and accept what is.


Obsidian and Human Spirit

Obsidian shows you the shadow side of your true nature so that when it returns to wholeness, both become whole again. This stone helps show how to achieve freedom and spiritual invulnerability by showing capabilities lost due to their lack of light.

Obsidian is a stone that can be used to vitalize one’s life. It eliminates any energy blocks and relieves tension, while also anchoring their spirit into the body for increased growth on all levels. Obsidian stimulates curiosity by opening up new horizons which encourages us as human beings not only to look at what we know but explore even further than before.


Obsidian and Chakras

The 7 chakras are a person’s internal energy centers aligned vertically near the spine. Energy enters your body through what we call “head” (heaven) or base(earth). The seven main points of intersection where these forces mingle create different patterns which can be seen as vibrant colors within our own being; each producing its own signature color-coded aura to represent health concerns such as stress levels, moods etc… These vortexes were created so that all might share both physical spaces.  The chakras are in constant interaction with one another. They cannot really be separated, and serve as a balance to your entire being – both physical aspects like emotions or personality traits but also more abstract ones such as thoughts about yourself (think: beliefs).

Ancient yogic studies have recently discovered two extra chakras; the Earth Star Chakra and Soul-Star Chi. I have included a brief description of these on my page for you to learn more about them!


Obsidian and Auric Bodies

  • Physical
  • Etheric
  • Astral
  • Mental
  • Picture


Human beings have seven bodies, one physical and six nonphysical. The six unseen bodies are known as auras.

The physical body and the six nonphysical bodies are interconnected with each other. The health of any or all auras contributes toward the overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of a person.

Auras, also known as energy bodies, are affected by all aspects of your life and the energy that feeds them comes from internal and external sources.  You’ll need high-quality prana or chi flowing into them to ensure the health of these energy bodies.

Physical Body

  • this is the body that you live in and is linked to the Base Chakra.

Etheric Body

  • a blueprint for the physical body and is made up of vibrating energy.  It’s linked to the Sacral Chakra.

Astral Body

  • your emotions reside here. It is comprised of different colors that are constantly changing based on how you feel.  Emotional experiences are also stored in the astral body and are linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Mental Body

  • is made up of two parts, the lower and the higher. The lower mental body is linked to the solar plexus chakra, while the higher mental body is linked to the heart chakra.
    The lower mental body is where you do your everyday thinking. It is the mind that you use to reason, form mental arguments, create thought forms, and memorize things. The lower mental body is tied to your personality.   For example, thinking negatively will eventually permeate into the physical body.  Therefore changing your negative thought patterns can often change your mental health for the better.

As your spirituality develops you’ll raise your consciousness and it is through this pathway you’ll be able to tap into the One Mind.  The “One Mind” contains all information.  By opening your higher mental body you’ll receive moments of knowledge that flow to you.