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Opal is a stone of mystery and intrigue. It has been known for centuries to be both pure eye candy with its spectral colors shining in the darkness but also packs quite an amplifying punch where it matters most-on your Third Eye Chakra. This gemstone’s connection to the fable makes sense because they both have strong stories behind them; one is from India while another comes directly from Europe!

Opal has a rich and deep history that extends beyond our modern world. It was first discovered in Queensland, Australia centuries ago when a young boy went out looking for gold with his father who found himself stumbling upon a beautiful gemstone instead!


Opal Properties
Mineral: Hydrated Silica
Chemistry: SiO2•nH2O
Color: All colors
Refractive index: 1.37-1.47
Birefringence: None
Specific gravity: 2.15 (+0.08, -0.90)
Mohs Hardness: 5 to 6.5


Opal Healing Properties – Black and White

Opal is a beautiful, glowing gem that contains high vibrational energy. It can help you bring renewed hope and good karma into your life while also balancing out all of the chaos! The calming effects from this rock will help people live in the moment and absorb all of the energy around them.

Opal provides a perfect sense of balance along with amplification powers for crystal healers.

The rare stone known as opal is a perfect gem for those looking to add some lightness and spontaneity into their lives. This magnificent mineral can also help with all sorts of creative projects, making it an even more luxurious gift! When you choose this beautiful rock in your jewelry collection or design project – make sure that its shining surface hints at what’s inside.


Opal and Health – Black and White

Opal’s natural glow is believed to be flushed with health. This gem can help treat infections and lower fevers along with boosting the immune system, relieving any constriction of the chest or respiratory systems.

Opal can be used to help make your life more beautiful. It’s a good elixir for bringing brightness and healthiness into the eyes, renewing skin cells so you have youthfulness every day!  The soothing qualities will do wonders in helping someone feel less bloated or puffy-eyed while they’re still experiencing symptoms from hormonal changes associated with PMS/ childbirth.


Opal and Human Feelings – Black and White

Opal is the stone of love and desire. It can make you passionate, emotional, or seductive with its beauty!

Opals are beautiful stones that can help you to heal and grow. They contain an abundance of water which makes them effective at assisting people in shifting their emotions, protecting against easy absorption by others’ energy or thoughts- so they’re perfect for anyone who deals with challenging relationships!


Opal and Human Mind – Black and White

Opal is a gem that encourages you not to shy away from yourself but have the strength and courage in order for your vision of harmony within yourself, others around them will see clearly. The stone also helps amplify feelings or thoughts so they can be seen by everyone else as well which brings balance into every aspect including emotional health.

Opal is a stone of hope, known for its healing properties. It will lead you to places where old pain can be released and new connections made in order to find your full potential waiting on the other side–even if it has been hidden before by fearful thoughts or feelings that are stopping us now!


Opal and Human Spirit – Black and White

Opal is a stone that can bring joy to your life. It awakens desires for variety and distraction, making it perfect as an aid in connecting with the forces of water including all devas from undine families such as merfolk or water sprites who have access to their own magic skills through this crystal’s light-giving powers.

Opal is a stone that can bring someone from their everyday state into an otherworldly one. When held, it enhances cosmic consciousness and induces visions of mystery, confusion, or enlightenment depending on what you’re looking for in your spirituality journey!


Opal and Chakras

The 7 chakras are a person’s internal energy centers and they’re aligned vertically near the spine. Energy enters your body through what we call “head” (heaven) or base(earth). The seven main points of intersection where these forces mingle create different patterns which can be seen as vibrant colors within our own being; each producing its own signature color-coded aura to represent health concerns such as stress levels, moods etc… These vortexes were created so that all might share both physical spaces.  The chakras are in constant interaction with one another. They cannot really be separated, and serve as a balance to your entire being – both physical aspects like emotions or personality traits but also more abstract ones such as thoughts about yourself (think: beliefs).

Two extra chakras have recently been discovered by ancient yogic studies; the Earth Star Chakra and Soul-Star Chi. I have included a brief description of these on my page for you to learn more about them!


Opal and Auric Bodies

  • Physical
  • Etheric
  • Astral
  • Mental
  • Picture


Human beings have seven bodies, one physical and six nonphysical. The six unseen bodies are known as auras.

The physical body and the six nonphysical bodies are interconnected with each other. The health of any or all auras contributes toward the overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of a person.

Auras, also known as energy bodies, are affected by all aspects of your life and the energy that feeds them comes from internal and external sources.  You’ll need high-quality prana or chi flowing into them to ensure the health of these energy bodies.

Physical Body

  • this is the body that you live in and is linked to the Base Chakra.

Etheric Body

  • a blueprint for the physical body and is made up of vibrating energy.  It’s linked to the Sacral Chakra.

Astral Body

  • your emotions reside here. It is comprised of different colors that are constantly changing based on how you feel.  Emotional experiences are also stored in the astral body and is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Mental Body

  • is made up of two parts, the lower and the higher. The lower mental body is linked to the solar plexus chakra, while the higher mental body is linked to the heart chakra.
    The lower mental body is where you do your everyday thinking. It is the mind that you use to reason, form mental arguments, create thought forms, and memorize things. The lower mental body is tied to your personality.   For example, thinking negatively will eventually permeate into the physical body.  Therefore changing your negative thought patterns can often change your mental health for the better.

As your spirituality develops you’ll raise your consciousness and it is through this pathway you’ll be able to tap into the One Mind.  The “One Mind” contains all information.  By opening your higher mental body you’ll receive moments of knowledge that flow to you.