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Promote positive change with crystals and affirmations. Pyrite is a powerful crystal that you can combine to help inspire yourself in many ways, such as repeating an affirmation while holding onto your Pyrite crystal or wearing them together for increased motivation!

Pyrite is an interesting crystal with many benefits. It protects against negative vibrations on all levels and promotes abundance, prosperity, and wealth! Below are some ways this mineral can help soothe your body mind soul in just a few minutes of meditation time each day.


Top 20 Pyrite Affirmations

The powerful crystal Pyrite has been used for centuries to bring good luck and wealth. If you’re looking into how it can help with your money goals, then keep reading! In this article, we’ll cover which affirmations are best for attracting the most wealth and success.


Pyrite Affirmations for Wealth

Pyrite is a crystal that works to help you attract more money and prosperity. It can be used in conjunction with the law of attraction, which teaches us how we are attracted to what’s already present in our lives through thoughts or actions.  Pyrite helps reduce your scarcity consciousness by introducing financial stability into one’s mind so you don’t constantly worry about having enough funds for basic needs like food/clothing. Since this mineral has been known as “the poor man’s gold”

Pyrite is a valuable gemstone that not only attracts wealth but also new opportunities to make more money. Every wealthy entrepreneur I know has Pyrite in their office or home for attracting wealth and success.

Think about your affirmations for wealth every day. Visualize yourself living a wealthy life and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. Financial abundance brings me freedom.
  2. I deserve prosperity.
  3. My thoughts and actions attract money.
  4. Money changes my life for the better.
  5. I think positively to attract more money.
  6. I focus on earning more money each day.
  7. I am financially free.
  8. I make money easily.
  9. I let go of my limiting beliefs around money.
  10. I have the power to become wealthy.


Pyrite Affirmations for Success

Pyrite is a beautiful gold color that has the power to boost your willpower. It promotes mental focus and gives you confidence in trusting yourself, which are key factors when making decisions for success!

If you’re feeling like a failure and your self-esteem is low, it’s time to try Pyrite. This crystal will help transform those feelings of inadequacy into leadership qualities!  Pyrite is a great crystal for those who need help seeing possibilities and developing their potential. With its strong vibrations, Pyrite encourages you to take action in your life so that all of these goals can be reached!

Think about your affirmations for success every day. Visualize yourself living a successful life and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. I am grateful for all the success I already have.
  2. I am wealthy.
  3. My future is abundant.
  4. I attract prosperity and let it flow into my life.
  5. I am happy and successful.
  6. I see abundance everywhere around me.
  7. I use success to create a better life.
  8. I always reach my financial goals.
  9. I trust the universe will bring me more success.
  10. The happier I am, the more success I have.


Start Using Affirmations for Pyrite

Pyrite is a powerful crystal that must be programmed for your specific purpose. Once you set your intention, it will become easier to manifest positivity and start noticing changes in the environment around you!

Hold your Pyrite crystal in one hand and close both eyes. Take three deep breaths, then say aloud the affirmation that speaks to you most clearly about what it means for this stone’s power and belief! Imagine how wonderful your life will be when all of these things have come true with every last ounce of effort put forth today…