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Pyrite is a powerful stone that encourages positive change and shields the wearer against negativity. This beautiful brass-yellow crystal has many other benefits which can be amplified when paired with other stones, such as helping one to seek success in their endeavors or increasing wealth for oneself! To maximize these qualities of Pyrite you should wear it alongside complimentary gems like clear quartz to help balance out its disruptive energies while promoting healthy relationships between people.

Pyrite Crystal Pairings

Pyrite is a powerful stone that symbolizes success, wealth, and prosperity. It shields the wearer against negativity to encourage positive change in your life! This beautiful brass yellow crystal has many other benefits which can be amplified when paired with other stones – read on for some of those great combinations or how you could use them yourself.


pyrite malachite combo


Combine Pyrite with Malachite

The perfect crystal combination for positive change is Malachite and Pyrite. If you spend too much time focusing on obstacles rather than goals, these crystals can help encourage a more adventurous spirit in all endeavors as well as provide some protection against negative forces that may be preventing success or happiness from happening right now!

Together, Malachite and Pyrite will help you open new doors in your life.

These two crystals together teach you how to take responsibility for your actions. It helps work through mistakes without being weighed down by guilt and shame while building up a strong character in the process!


pyrite citrine combo


Combine Pyrite with Citrine

Citrine and Pyrite are a great match, as they both promote creativity. Citrine will give you more confidence in yourself which helps with being creative!

Pyrite is the perfect crystal for boosting your self-confidence. It will help you to share what talents and skillsets have been kept hidden while encouraging others to do their best too! Citrine helps bring out the creativity in all of its forms – from academic endeavors like research or writing projects.

Citrine and Pyrite are both useful for manifesting your desires. This crystal combination will help you overcome procrastination, which is a common challenge when trying to achieve goals or dreams in life!


pyrite labradorite combo


Combine Pyrite with Labradorite

Have you ever felt like giving up? If so, this article is for YOU! It may be time to try some new crystals that can help with perseverance. I’m talking about Labradorite and Pyrite – two minerals known as “mind builders” because they encourage a growth mindset…which means working hard when necessary without being too quick on the trigger (or should we say instant gratification).

You can overcome self-doubt by meditating with Labradorite, which will help you realize your full potential.

The Third Eye and Pyrite are a perfect match. The stone’s connection to these chakras helps you strengthen your intuition as well as provide confidence, motivation, and determination – all things necessary for success!


pyrite smoky quartz combo


Combine Pyrite with Smokey Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a powerful crystal that works well with the warm vibrations of pyrite. It has strong cleansing energy and can help release negative energies from your surroundings, making it an excellent choice for any space where you want to bring new life into existing conditions or create something fresh altogether!

Smoky Quartz is a great stone for removing negative energies from your space and aura, which can make you feel discouraged or depressed. Pairing it with Pyrite will help promote hope in the form of optimism – this works especially well if there are abundant feelings like anger within one’s mind-body complex!

The soothing, deep vibrations of Smoky Quartz and Pyrite are perfect for feeling safe in an unpredictable world. These crystals will help you feel centered no matter what is happening around them so that your meditation practice can be advanced even more!


pyrite tiger eye combo


Combine Pyrite with Tiger’s Eye

If you want to attract money, I recommend wearing Pyrite. This mineral pairs well with many other crystals but the main reason why it’s great for manifesting cash is that both stones bring abundance and prosperity!

Your mindset is the key to your future. If you believe that there’s always going to be something holding you back from having everything, then it will seem impossible.  Tiger’s Eye helps remove blocks that prevent us from reaching our full potential while Pyrite detoxes ourselves so we can create an abundance mindset.

In other words: Your mental state impacts how well off financially you are.

Affirmations are a great way to change your perspective on what you’re experiencing. By repeating positive phrases, such as “I am attracting more money” or “God is blessing me with successful business endeavors,” it becomes easier for us to see these things happening all around us!


Pairing Pyrite with Other Minerals

Pyrite is a powerful crystal that can help you achieve your goals, big or small. It works well with many other crystals to bring luck in all aspects of life: financial success; better health (especially if it’s lacking); more energy for activities like work! Some great combinations include Citrine + Malachite– these two have been known as “wise rocks” because they carry positive energies within them while also acting like good protectors against negative influences around us.