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Quartz crystals are fairly common and can be found around the world.  These crystals are colorless, candle-shaped hexagonal crystals with relatively smooth sides and naturally faceted terminations.

​Crystalline – Quartz
The crystalline group occurs as prismatic crystals often with pyramidal or bi-pyramidal terminations and is known simply as Quartz. During the growth phase, quartz can come in contact with other minerals which will cause various colors; pink, purple, green, yellow-white, and brown. grey and black.

Mineral: Quartz
Chemistry: SiO2
Color: Purple
Refractive Index: 1.544 to 1.553
Birefringence: 0.009
Specific Gravity: 2.66
Mohs Hardness: 7


Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

If you’re dealing with multiple issues then try combining Quartz Crystals with other crystals for an extra boost.


Quartz Crystals and Health

Quartz crystals amplify whatever you focus on. When incorporating crystals into your life make sure you have positive intentions because the quartz crystal will extend its hand to support success in all areas of life including financial security and fertility.  The stone can also help with everything from creative projects at home (including designing beautiful spaces)to family blessings when used as an engagement gift!

Quartz is a fantastic stone for stimulating the nervous system and promoting nail growth. It can also assist with removing adhesions in connective tissue, revitalizing paralyzed parts of your body as well as healing colds or arthritis pain caused by inflammation from loss-of-function muscles that are no longer working properly due to injury. In addition quartz balances both hemispheres throughout our brain’s functions which ensures optimal mental wellbeing!


Quartz Crystals and Human Feelings

Quartz is a powerful tool for emotional relief. It helps you pinpoint the root cause of your feelings and emotions while providing insights that provide clarity on what needs done next in order to relieve those issues!

When you think of the word “quartz,” what comes to mind? For many people, their first thought will be crystals. Quartz is just one type of stone that can form into various shapes and sizes with different properties for use in healing practices around the world!

Quartz crystals have long been valued because these crystals carry energy all their own – they provide us humans access іnto energies otherwise trapped inside our bodies (like negative emotions).


Quartz Crystals and The Human Mind

Quartz crystals can help you stay focused on the task at hand because for centuries it has been used as an educational tool and still works today! Place a crystal in your pocket or bag to use during study sessions, exams (especially those big tests), projects, and work deadlines.

Quartz crystals will revitalize your capabilities and help with solving problems.  If you’re dealing with short-term memory issues then make sure you keep a crystal close by.


Quartz Crystals and The Human Spirit

Quartz crystals provide stability and healing. It can be used for all spiritual practices, including meditation or connecting with your guardian angel; but it also has other powerful qualities that make it an invaluable tool in any metaphysical collection.

Quartz is the perfect stone to help you communicate with your spirit guides and amplify any psychic abilities. It works by stimulating all chakras, opening up energy pathways in our bodies for a more expansive auric field that allows us to be open-minded about new opportunities!

Quartz is a powerful stone that encourages clarity and neutrality. It increases your perception, understanding, and conviction in what you believe to be true – which can lead some people down an incorrect path if they aren’t careful enough! But with Quartz’s help, there are no limits on how far one could go…


Quartz Crystal Affirmations

Have you ever wanted more success and wealth in your life? Did someone give negative feedback about your work or tell off-color jokes during the meeting? Well, if this has happened to you then there’s no need for shame because affirmations are here! Affirmations will help build wealth and success while crystals can release negativity that might be holding back progress in other areas of your life.  Quartz crystal affirmations are helpful tools when combined together as one supports the other and grows stronger each time we use them.

Affirmations are a great way to change your mindset and improve self-esteem. Make sure you use them in conjunction with Quartz Crystals, which will give you even more amazing results!


Quartz Crystals and Chakras


You may be acting aggressively towards others when the base chakra is out of balance.  By keeping this stone close at hand, you’re able to relieve the symptoms of ADHD or ADD. It will reduce the desire to be overly possessive, craving continual excitement, or manipulative behaviors.

Use this stone to awaken your awareness of your past life talents and ease unwanted fears.


When your sacral chakra is out of balance you may be emotionally high-strung, arrogant, or selfish. By keeping this stone in hand, you will be able to overcome the mistrust you have in another’s intentions toward you.

By incorporating quartz crystals in your life you’ll become more comfortable or less controlled by your sexuality, giving and receiving pleasure and understanding your desires.  It will also assist in healing any issues that you may have with your reproductive and muscular system and remove unwanted toxins from the physical body.​

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus chakra is out of balance when you are critical of others and when you believe you’re not being recognized for your achievements.

Use the quartz crystal on the solar plexus chakra to bring empathy into your life and enhance your psychic abilities. It will open your clairsentience abilities and assist in healing the stomach, liver, and gallbladder.


Quartz Crystals and Auric Bodies

  • Physical
  • Etheric
  • Astral
  • Mental
  • Picture


Human beings have seven bodies, one physical and six nonphysical. The six unseen bodies are known as auras.

The physical body and the six nonphysical bodies are interconnected with each other. The health of any or all auras contributes toward the overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of a person.

Auras, also known as energy bodies, are affected by all aspects of your life and the energy that feeds them comes from internal and external sources.  You’ll need high-quality prana or chi flowing into them to ensure the health of these energy bodies.

Physical Body

  • this is the body that you live in and is linked to the Base Chakra.

Etheric Body

  • a blueprint for the physical body and is made up of vibrating energy.  It’s linked to the Sacral Chakra.

Astral Body

  • your emotions reside here. It is comprised of different colors that are constantly changing based on how you feel.  Emotional experiences are also stored in the astral body and is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Mental Body

  • is made up of two parts, the lower and the higher. The lower mental body is linked to the solar plexus chakra, while the higher mental body is linked to the heart chakra.
    The lower mental body is where you do your everyday thinking. It is the mind that you use to reason, form mental arguments, create thought forms, and memorize things. The lower mental body is tied to your personality.   For example, thinking negatively will eventually permeate into the physical body.  Therefore changing your negative thought patterns can often change your mental health for the better.

As your spirituality develops you’ll raise your consciousness and it is through this pathway you’ll be able to tap into the One Mind.  The “One Mind” contains all information.  By opening your higher mental body you’ll receive moments of knowledge that flow to you.