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Citrine is a stone that has been known to carry the power of sunlight. It’s also considered an abundance crystal, which means it can help you manifest your goals in business and life with ease!

Citrine is a stone of good fortune, but it also has plenty else to offer. Aside from bringing you prosperity and wealth its vibrations teach us how we can attract more abundance in our lives which allows generosity.


Citrine Crystal Pairings

Citrine is a stone of sunny energy that encourages us to live life fully. Its warm glow invokes happiness, success, and confidence in those who carry it with them on their journey to exploring an old building or taking up painting for the first time! The yellow gemstone also offers many other benefits when paired with other crystals.  Keep reading below to discover which combinations work best so you can find your perfect crystal pairing.


labradorite citrine combo


Labradorite and Citrine Combination

Citrine is a stone of knowledge and intuition, but it needs help from other crystals to do its job well. To strengthen your Citrines’ abilities on this front we recommend Labradorite for additional guidance when you need decisions made quickly or information delivered straight-up without any confusion about what’s happening around you!

Intuition is a word that’s often associated with the third eye chakra and Labradorite. It can be used to help you connect your subconscious mind, which contains all of those ideas we wouldn’t usually pay attention to like intuition.  This inner voice or guidance system exists in everyone but may need some encouragement from us before it speaks up!

It’s said that the best way to strengthen your intuition is by meditating with Labradorite and Citrine. Messages from beyond will often be quiet, so spending time in silence helps you hear these inner voices more clearly!


citrine emerald combo


Emerald and Citrine Combination

Emerald, a crystal that promotes successful love and manifesting passion with its natural calming properties can be paired with many other stones. Citrine in particular needs no introduction; this stone is known for promoting friendship when worn or carried as it reflects positive energy back onto those who carry them within their heart centers.

It can be hard to make new friends, but if you’re willing and ready then there’s no better time than now. Combining Emeralds with Citrine will give you the courage needed for this adventure of meeting people!

Citrine is a stone of leadership and brings good fortune to those who carry it. It can help you feel more confident in yourself, which will inspire others around you.


citrine garnet combo


Red Garnet and Citrine Combination

Have you been feeling frustrated with your significant other or spouse? If so, there are two crystals that may be able to help. Red Garnet and Citrine are known for their powerful properties in increasing passion as well as self-confidence which will make intimacy much more enjoyable!

Garnet is a wonderful stone for boosting one’s sex drive. It has a beautiful red color and healing energy that can relieve problems with sexual desire, as well as correct any imbalance in libido between two partners!

Citrine is a stone that can help you with promoting self-confidence, which will increase if poor body image and low self-esteem affect your sexual desire. The warm vibrations of this crystal make one feel more loving towards themselves while forgiving others too; these are all factors in improving relationships both within oneself as well at home or work!


citrine smoky quartz combo


Smokey Quartz and Citrine Combination

Citrine is a lightning rod, attracting plenty of negative energy. Smoky Quartz helps to ground this stone and bring its abundance into balance with other crystals in your home or office space!

Smoky Quartz is the perfect stone for releasing stress and anxiety. It can be paired with Citrine to help promote positive thoughts, which will make it easier than ever before!

There are many reasons why people experience stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to ground yourself in the moment but the gentle vibes of Smoky Quartz or Citrine are strong enough for such an endeavor! These helpful crystals offer emotional support against all odds so your brain has no choice but to get rid of those uncomfortable feelings and hopefully never have them again.


citrine moonstone combo


Moonstone and Citrine Combination

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal with an earthy energy flow. It pairs well against Citrine, making this combination very useful for those who want to start fresh and cleanse their mind of past mistakes or negative thoughts alike!

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings, and it’s perfect for starting over. It will help you gain some perspective on your situation by giving off this nurturing energy that can be very healing during difficult times in life.

Citrine is a powerful crystal for promoting determination and setting goals. It will help you decide on your next move so that we can make our first step in the right direction!


Enhance Your Life with Citrine Crystal Pairings

Citrine is a stone of manifestation and healing. It can be paired with other crystals to create an effective balance for your energy, such as Labradorite or Emerald which will help you reach goals in life no matter how big they may seem!

It’s now time for you to start using these crystal combinations to enhance your life.