How To Cleanse Citrine Crystals

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Cleansing crystals clear them from any negative energies they have absorbed while being used. You wouldn’t want illness, aches, pains, and bad energy hanging around your stones.

Several effective ways to cleanse Citrine crystals, clusters, and points exist. Water, salt, sage, incense, and Selenite can be used to clean Citrine. While Citrine is known to have self-cleansing abilities, cleansing it manually every once in a while improves our connection with the stone.


Cleansing Citrine Crystals With Water

  1. Fill a bowl with water, then mindfully put the Citrine crystal in the center of it.
  2. Leave the crystal to rest for about 12 hours before collecting it.
  3. Allow your Citrine to dry naturally in the sun for no more than 3o minutes or gently dry by hand.


Suppose you don’t have the time to wait for your Citrine to soak in a bowl for hours. In that case, hold the crystal under running water for a couple of minutes for a quick cleanse. When performing quick cleanses, they’ll need to be done more frequently than a submerged soak.

Water is an excellent natural element to clean Citrine crystals because they are resistant to liquids. Citrine is a solid seven on the Mohs hardness scale, so it won’t show any signs of wear or damage if left in contact with water for extensive periods.

The reason to limit the amount of time Citrine crystals rest in direct sunlight is they are prone to fading and becoming more fragile.


Cleansing Citrine Crystals With Sage

Sage is one most widely used traditional cleansing tools that have existed throughout time. Different cultures use it for various spiritual cleansing practices, making it an excellent choice for cleansing crystals like Citrine. Sage can cleanse crystals from negative energies and purifies them. Being a spiritual herb, it makes sense that sage clears away the bad energy of our soul and spirit that Citrine has absorbed.

Here is what you’ll need: Sage or a smudge stick, an abalone shell or metal bowl, something to spark a flame, and the crystals you wish to cleanse. Some people like to attach their stone to some type of rope to sway the stone through the smoke.


  1. Light the edge of the smudge stick or sage bundle until it begins smoking.
  2. Once there is an even flow of smoke, place the smudge stick or bundle into the shell or bowl.
  3. Gently wave or sway the Citrine crystal through the sage’s smoke while focusing on sending positive thoughts and energy to it.


FYI, incense can be used to cleanse Citrine crystals like sage can. Simply get your incense lit and smoking and allow the smoke to pass over the entire stone.


Cleansing Citrine Crystals With Salt

The spiritual uses for salt range as far and wide as it does in the kitchen for cooking. Using dry salt is an excellent method of cleansing Citrine crystals. Salt is known to draw out negative energies.

When using salt to cleanse stones or crystals, be mindful. The hardness of stones varies. Citrine has a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. The Mohs scale runs from 1 to 10, indicating the mineral’s ability to scratch another. The higher the hardness number, the more scratch-resistant and stronger the crystal will be. Most salt ranges between 2 to 5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

That said, Citrine can handle salt, so it shouldn’t scratch the stone’s surface. However, use caution to avoid rubbing the salt against the Citrine, as it’s quite abrasive and can leave stones dull.


  1. Fill your glass or ceramic bowl with a layer of salt.
  2. Place your Citrine crystal or jewelry piece atop the salt in the middle of the bow. ( There is no need to bury the crystal)
  3. Allow your Citrine to rest for around 2 to 7 hours.
  4. After cleansing the stone, briefly rinse it under low running water.
  5. Use a soft cloth to dry it or allow it to air dry.
  6. Always throw the salt away.



Instead of tossing the used salt in the trash bin, send it outside back into nature.

Charge your Citrine after a good cleanse. Cleansing crystals removes low vibrations and negative energies while charging them revitalizes the beneficial and positive ones.

When cleansing more than one stone at a time, it’s crucial that each crystal has its own cleansing space. Don’t pile them atop one another because each stone has to make full contact with the salt.

If you’re cleansing a piece of jewelry made using Citrine, close the clasp or place a soft cloth under the clasp to prevent salt from sneaking in.


Cleansing Citrine With Selenite

Selenite is a great crystal with cleansing abilities and is an excellent way to cleanse other crystals, like Citrine. All you need is a glass or ceramic bowl and your chosen stones.


  1. Lay out your Selenite stick or use a Selenite bowl.
  2. Position your Citrine crystal so that it comes in direct contact with the Selenite.
  3. Send any good thoughts or vibes, and allow the crystal to rest with the Selenite for a couple of hours.


We can use several effective methods or techniques to cleanse Citrine crystals. Water, salt, sage, smoke from sage or incense, and Selenite are great choices. It doesn’t technically matter which cleansing process you use as long as you take the initiative and feel as though you’ve made the best choice.

Cleansing our crystals is effective for practical reasons. Still, they can help strengthen the bond or connection we have with our Citrine or any stone for that matter. Remember, focus on those positive intentions and thoughts while placing your crystal to cleanse.