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Crystals and affirmations are a great way to make your manifestations come true. Thousands of people have used them successfully to enact changes in their lives, including me! You can use any crystal, but if you want my personal favorite for love and happiness then it would be Rose Quartz.  These life-enhancing goals of mine were difficult to achieve.  So, I started my morning with affirmations and over time I started to see progress in love and forgiveness.

There’s a reason that Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals. When you hold it, your thoughts will bring a feeling of love and happiness. Plus its pinkish color brings an added boost of affection into any situation!

The best way for me was to combine this crystal with affirmation practices while holding a palm stone in one hand.  I tried other styles of crystals but the palm stone worked the best.


Top 21 Rose Quartz Affirmations

The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz can be combined to make your affirmations more powerful. It will help heal any emotional issues you may have as well! Affirmations are a great way to focus on what you want in your life, whether it’s compassion or positivity. When we start thinking positively and speaking empowering words into existence our thoughts become reality!

You can use Rose Quartz affirmations every day to cultivate love, compassion, and positivity in your life. Over time you will experience more joy than before! You will be able to release your negativity and build self-confidence. You are worthy of love!


Rose Quartz Affirmations for Love

Rose Quartz is an excellent crystal to help you learn how to love yourself. If your confidence in yourself has been low, use Rose Quartz with morning affirmations and watch as it changes the way friends and family see your inner qualities, no matter what they may be.

Think about your affirmations for love every day. Visualize yourself living a life full of love and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. Love heals all wounds
  2. I am kind, compassionate, and loving.
  3. I forgive myself for past mistakes and open my heart to love.
  4. Love is the answer to everything.
  5. I am full of love and light.
  6. I deserve love and affection.
  7. Every day I learn to love myself.


Rose Quartz Affirmations for Forgiveness

When you need a soothing crystal to help heal difficult relationships, Rose Quartz is a perfect choice. Not only does it have calming properties that will soothe your soul during times of grief or pain but also helps bring peace back into any stagnating partnership with friends and family members who may be hurting deep inside.

Rose quartz is a powerful crystal that can help you heal deep emotional wounds. It works best when combined with affirmations to keep yourself positive and remind you how much better life will be after healing all of these painful memories and experiences.

Think about your affirmations for forgiving others every day. Visualize yourself living a life filled with forgiveness and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. I forgive myself for my past mistakes.
  2. I release my anger and resentment towards others.
  3. I view others with compassion and understanding.
  4. Forgiveness is a strength, not a weakness.
  5. I radiate forgiveness and love to those around me.
  6. I forgive myself for all perceived transgressions.
  7. I forgive others for any hurt or pain they may have caused me.


Rose Quartz Affirmations for Happiness

The power of positive thinking is something that has been around for centuries. Reciting affirmations with a Rose Quartz palm stone is one way to promote happiness in your life and give yourself a break from all those negative thoughts running through your head.

Rose quartz helps us shift our perspective on what it means “to be” by encouraging us to embrace self-love.

With practice, you will be able to see more potential in front of you. You’ll also start becoming happy and optimistic with time!

Think about your affirmations for happiness every day. Visualize yourself living a happy life and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. Happiness is a choice.
  2. Love is the key to happiness.
  3. My life is full of amazing opportunities.
  4. I am blessed.
  5. I am worthy of happiness
  6. My heart is full of happiness
  7. I deserve happiness and affection.


Start Using Affirmations for Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal that must be programmed for your specific purpose. Once you set your intention, it will become easier to manifest positivity and start noticing changes in the environment around you!

Hold your Rose Quartz crystal in one hand and close both eyes. Take three deep breaths, then say aloud the affirmation that speaks to you most clearly about what it means for this stone’s power and belief! Imagine how wonderful your life will be when all of these things have come true with every last ounce of effort put forth today…