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Crystals and affirmations are a great way to make your manifestations come true. Thousands of people have used them successfully to enact changes in their lives, including me! You can use any crystal, but if you want my personal favorite for self-confidence and success then it would be Tiger Eye.  These life-enhancing goals of mine were difficult to achieve.  So, I started my morning with affirmations and over time I started to see progress in my confidence and courage to take on new projects which lead to more success.

There’s a reason that Tiger Eye is one of the most popular crystals. When you hold it, your thoughts will bring an inner strength you never felt before and a sense of well-being. Plus its bands of golden yellow bring an added boost of positivity into any situation!

The best way for me was to combine this crystal with affirmation practices while holding a palm stone in one hand.  I tried other styles of crystals but the palm stone worked the best.


Top 21 Tiger Eye Affirmations

Tiger’s Eye brings the wearer confidence and perseverance. Tigers eye is a protective stone, it reminds you to be confident in who you are.  Plus, it provides stability for an improved sense of overall wellbeing.

Tiger’s Eye is a stone that can be used to help balance your first and second chakras. It also has the power to bring affirmations into reality, making it one powerful gem!

The best thing about affirmations is the ability to achieve your life goals by manifesting them every day.  There’s no need to rely on others for company and they keep you from being distracted from a higher calling. You’ll be able to improve your mood in seconds and feel better empowered to take on the day.


Tiger Eye Affirmations for Self Confidence

Do you feel like you lack self-confidence? Then, use these affirmations below to boost your confidence. In time, you will be able to rid yourself of imposter syndrome and make positive changes. Tiger’s Eye will bring you closer to achieving your goals and ambitions by teaching you to make decisions based on what you really want. True self-confidence comes when you convert intention into action.

Think about your affirmations for wealth every day. Visualize yourself living a confident life and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. I am confident
  2. I will succeed
  3. I will overcome
  4. I am unstoppable
  5. I am limitless
  6. I am a strong and confident person.
  7. I am confident in my ability to reach my highest potential.


Tiger Eye Affirmations for Courage

Tiger Eye purifies and opens the second chakras to encourage willpower and courage. It also has a strong connection to the root or base chakra, making it a fantastic stone for living a courageous life. An imbalance in the root chakra can stop you from progressing toward your goals. This is where Tiger’s Eye comes into play. It’ll help you release fear and emotional stress so that you can live a life full of courage.

If you’re looking to gain courage in your life then Tiger’s Eye is definitely the best crystal to achieve this. It removes negativity and helps you stay strong during adverse scenarios.  If you’re looking for additional motivation to achieve life goals then Tiger’s Eye is the crystal to support these activities when taking risks.

Think about your affirmations for wealth every day. Visualize yourself living a courageous life and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. I am courageous
  2. I have the courage and discipline to reach my goals.
  3. I am brave.
  4. I am fearless.
  5. Courage is within me.
  6. I am not afraid of change.


Tiger Eye Affirmations for Success

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that brings mental clarity and focus which is the precursor for success. It helps you develop the activities and processes that you’ll need to achieve a successful life. Each morning you should combine Tiger’s Eye with affirmations to remove self-limiting beliefs so you can live up to your full potential. 

Think about your affirmations for wealth every day. Visualize yourself living a successful life and make sure these promises become a reality!

  1. I am grateful for all the success I already have.
  2. I am wealthy.
  3. My future is abundant.
  4. I attract prosperity and let it flow into my life.
  5. I am happy and successful.
  6. I see abundance everywhere around me.
  7. I use success to create a better life.
  8. I always reach my financial goals.
  9. I trust the universe will bring me more success.
  10. The happier I am, the more success I have.


Start Using Affirmations for Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a powerful crystal that must be programmed for your specific purpose. Once you set your intention, it will become easier to manifest positivity and start noticing changes in the environment around you!

Hold your Tiger Eye palm stone in one hand and close both eyes. Take three deep breaths, then say aloud the affirmation that speaks to you most clearly about what it means for this stone’s power and belief! Imagine how wonderful your life will be when all of these things have come true with every last ounce of effort put forth today…