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Tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal that has been used for centuries to see all and know everything. This brownish-colored stone grants its wearer the ability of observation, even if they are not able to open doors themselves! The Tiger’s Eye resonates well with some crystals like Pyrite or Lapis Lazuli adding more beneficial vibrational energies into your life. Check out our top 5 list below on what combinations work best together.


Tiger Eye Pairings

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of courage, personal power, and fearlessness. It encourages us to take risks outside our comfort zone while also protecting us from negative energy in some cases. This yellow-gold crystal has many other benefits when paired with others like amplifying its protective energies or providing healing properties depending on what you need most at the moment!


tiger eye lapis lazuli combo


Lapis Lazuli and Tiger Eye Combo

Lapis Lazuli, the color of wisdom and knowledge is often used to help us embrace who we are. It also encourages authenticity in one’s self-expression which can be a powerful tool for personal growth when combined with Tiger’s Eye.

With the power of Lapis Lazuli and Tiger’s Eye, you can learn how to communicate your personal feelings in a healthy way.

We all have a fundamental nature that we should be true to. It can seem difficult at first, but if you’re not in alignment with your own fundamentals then how will you achieve your ultimate self?

Trueness is essential for everyone’s well-being!

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that encourages you to not let others define your individuality and uniqueness. It brings mental clarity, which helps with decision-making skills when paired with Tiger’seye courage will be in abundance during your toughest times.


tiger eye quartz combo


Quartz and Tiger Eye Combo

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal with the power to bring balance into your life. It has been known as both an abundance stone and one that is grounding energy, making it perfect for those looking at increasing their willpower or strength; we recommend pairing this gem with Clear Quartz!

Clearing your mind of all the clutter allows you to find clarity and identify what strengths, skills, or talents make up who you are as a person. With these findings, Clear Quartz & Tiger’s Eye can help boost self-confidence while taking risks which will lead to success in any endeavor.

Go-getters will love the power of these two stones. Each stone has its own unique ability to help you focus and minimize distractions, making it perfect for achieving goals!


bloodstone tiger eye combo


Bloodstone and Tiger Eye Combo

The beautiful and calming bloodstone is the perfect combination for Tiger’s Eye. The smooth energy flow of this stone will help you feel at ease and dispel any fears or anxieties that may be gripping your mind.

Wearing Bloodstone and Tiger’s Eye together can help you get your anger under control. The stones emit soothing vibrations that encourage a few moments of collection before speaking so it’s best to do this when things are starting to get out of hand or during times when emotions might be running high.

When you’re calm, Tiger’s Eye will help provide the mental clarity needed to express your frustration clearly and directly without hurting others.

When the scales are thrown into chaos, you can keep your cool by holding onto Bloodstone and Tiger’s Eye. This will help bring calmness back to your environment.


pyrite tiger eye combo


Pyrite and Tiger Eye Combo

If you want to attract money, I recommend wearing Pyrite. This mineral pairs well with many other crystals but the main reason why it’s great for manifesting cash is that both stones bring abundance and prosperity!

Your mindset is the key to your future. If you believe that there’s always going to be something holding you back from having everything, then it will seem impossible.  Tiger’s Eye helps remove blocks that prevent us from reaching our full potential while Pyrite detoxes ourselves so we can create an abundance mindset.

In other words: Your mental state impacts how well off financially you are.

Affirmations are a great way to change your perspective on what you’re experiencing. By repeating positive phrases, such as “I am attracting more money” or “God is blessing me with successful business endeavors,” it becomes easier for us to see these things happening all around us!


amber tiger eye combo


Amber and Tiger Eye Combo

Though not really a stone, fossilized tree resin is still very beneficial to the body. In fact, it can be used as an effective cleanser for your mind and spirit too!

Here’s how to use these crystals in your manifesting routine. Add a stone like Amethyst or Citrine for stability and grounding, then follow it up with Tiger’s Eye (or any other crystal) which will give you the energy boost of joy & happiness!

Amber has always been known as “the gemstone of leadership.” It grounds us while also stimulating our enthusiasm – perfect when we need an extra nudge towards success on this path called life.

Life is usually more enjoyable if you approach it with an optimistic perspective. Not only does this make your life easier, but also stronger and longer-lasting! You can learn how by using Amber & Tiger’s Eye, two stones that will teach you to minimize mistakes while maximizing success in all areas of living.

With the help of these tools, you will be able to see your failures as opportunities for growth and learning.


Enhance Your Life with Tiger Eye Pairings

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that has the power to help you manifest your goals. It works best when combined with other crystals like Amber, Lapis Lazuli, and Pyrite for maximum healing or manifestation potential!