7 Powerful Combinations with Black Tourmaline

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It’s important when choosing crystals that will be working closely together to always ask yourself: What does this particular combination offer? Is one better at attracting certain things than others?  Tourmaline has stood the test of time and Black Tourmaline is becoming the go-to crystal for grounding and positive energy.


Black Tourmaline Crystal Pairings

Black Tourmalines are excellent for grounding and they also help you release negative thoughts. You can combine them with all sorts of crystals that enhance your life and well-being.


quartz and black tourmaline combo


Quartz and Black Tourmaline Combo

If you’re experiencing negative thoughts, Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline are able to assist by reducing their effect.

Negative thinking can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Black Tourmaline is a highly protective stone that clears out negative energies from your body while it protects you against further harm with its grounding properties; combine this gemstone + Clear Quartz for an even more powerful healing session!

Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz are two different crystals that work hand in glove to help you gain control of your emotional reactions. When stress starts creeping into every aspect of life, use these remedies for a more mindful approach when practicing mindfulness.


hematite black tourmaline combo


Hematite and Black Tourmaline Combo

Hematite is a powerful stone that helps you to focus on the task at hand and reach your goals. It also increases mental clarity, which means it can be great for schoolwork or other related activities like exams!

When you are constantly distracted, it can be difficult to stay on task. Pairing Hematite and Black Tourmaline will help refocus your thought process so that what really matters most in life comes through loud & clear!

Hematite and Black Tourmaline are two of the most grounding stones out there, which can make them an excellent pair for someone who struggles with concentration. They will help you stay present in your thoughts while encouraging focus on the tasks at hand!


black tourmaline selenite combo


Selenite and Black Tourmaline Combo

Selenite is a powerful crystal that has been known for centuries to have healing properties. When paired with Black Tourmalines, Selenites are able to cleanse and purify your body from negative energies or thoughts which may arise while using them both in different aspects of health care such as meditation.

The energy around your space can be stagnant and uninviting if you’re feeling heavy with negative emotions. Use this crystal combination to cleanse the negative energy or heaviness. These crystals are also great for clearing out any pesky blockages that may have been holding back positive feelings.

The intuition and clarity you’ll experience when using these crystals together will help guide your way in the world.


bloodstone black tourmaline combo


Bloodstone and Black Tourmaline Combo

Bloodstone is a great stone to have around if you want your physical healing power boosted. I love that it can be used for so many different types of ailments and still leave me feeling refreshed after using the remedy, even when taken internally!

The healing power of these two crystals is perfect for a detoxifying cleanse. They can also help strengthen your immune system, so it will be able to fight off any toxins in the body!

The stones you wear are an emotional shield, allowing the wearer to deal with stress and negative emotions more easily than they would otherwise be able. They act as a filtering system for your body’s energy by absorbing any toxins that may accumulate due to constant anger or anxiety; giving rise to not only physical but also mental well-being.

In addition, wearing these items provides protection against things such as electromagnetic waves which could drain us emotionally – something very valuable during these days when everyone seems so preoccupied!


black tourmaline moldavite combo


Moldavite and Black Tourmaline Combo

Moldavite is the most powerful gemstone in this world. It has very strong vibrations that can be overwhelming if you are not used to them, but they’re actually what makes it such an amazing crystal for healing purposes! Luckily enough there’s black tourmaline which helps balance out these energies so your aura isn’t overwhelmed by moldavite every day.

Unlike other stones, Moldavite has a unique ability to help you ground and connect with your spiritual self. Because it’s so powerful, we recommend having an additional stone nearby when working with this gem in order not to be overwhelmed by its energy right off the bat!

Moldavite is a stone that can help you on your spiritual journey. It will give more synchronicity and clarity to life when paired with Black Tourmaline and protection from negative energies! The two stones work best together if they’re worn around the neck or placed near other magical items like amulets for increased energy flow.


black tourmaline rose quartz combo


Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline Combo

The stone that promotes love and compassion, Rose Quartz can be combined with Black Tourmaline to encourage self-love. In fact, loving yourself more will improve your life significantly!

You design your life around events that make you healthy and happy as self-love teaches us to put things in perspective. With Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline & other powerful gems like Obsidian or Sugilite; we can counter negative thoughts while learning how much our dreams deserve priority!  Loving yourself is the key to a happy life. As you start loving your body and mind, all of sudden everything in them makes sense.

Learning from mistakes and moving forward are two of life’s most important skills. When you have this crystal combination, it will help prepare you for future challenges while also boosting emotional resilience!


black tourmaline and black obsidian combo


Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline Combo

If you’re coping with grief and loss, Black Obsidian and Tourmaline can definitely assist. These two black crystals have been known to help people feel more centered within their bodies while bringing a strong sense of calmness into their life!

Grief is a difficult time in your life when you feel disbelief, shock, and sadness. Black Obsidian with its grounding energy can help cope with these intense feelings which will allow for moving on from the tragedy of loss or illness.

The healing power of Black Tourmaline and Obsidian helps to absorb negative energies. They are helpful for people who are struggling with depression, but also great at soothing your mind when you’re feeling sad or lonely.

It is true that grief isn’t just about death, it can be separation from someone we love; letting go of an unwanted career/ illness, etc… You might use these crystals together if their properties match up well against what’s bothering you.


Enhance Your Life with Black Tourmaline Crystal Pairings

Black Tourmalines are powerful gemstones with protective energy. They can be paired up for healing or manifestation, and some of the best crystals that you could combine include Clear Quartz Crystal to help improve your life’s outcomes in general; Amethyst would work well too if it helps protect against negative energies coming from any source – even those who may not know they’re being negatively influenced! Selenite is an excellent stone because its path through meditation will lead towards inner peace while also dissipating mental anxieties brought on by stressors outside ourselves.